Zavvie Adds New Buying Solutions to Expand Its Brokerage Marketplace

BOULDER, Colo., Nov. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — zavvie, the nation’s first real estate brokerage marketplace that connects broker-agents and sellers to Verified Buyers, announced it is adding new buying solutions to its marketplace that offer more affordability and accessibility options for homebuyers.

"Zavvie is giving the modern brokerage an expanded marketplace that will increase options for buyers, while keeping real estate agents at the center of every type of property transaction," said Lane Hornung, zavvie co-founder and CEO. 

Companies offering buying solutions through the zavvie marketplace include Divvy Homes, Feeasy, Flyhomes for Agents, Halo, Homeward, Knock, Landis, Ribbon and Super.

With over 150 leading brokerages participating nationwide, zavvie’s expansion of its brokerage marketplace to include buyer solutions adds new paths for more consumers who have been shut out from home buying due to escalating home values, competition from cash buyers, and credit barriers.

"New cash offer programs address the biggest challenge for buyers in the marketplace today – winning in a multiple offer situation," explained Hornung, "Cash offers are leveling the playing field."

Zavvie research shows that buyers armed with a cash offer are going under contract faster: 1.1 offers made compared to over 7 offers needed for traditional financed buyers.

Other buyer options being added to the zavvie marketplace include a new way for renters to become owners. Participating firms allow consumers to rent a home they plan to buy while they save for a down payment. There’s also a path to homeownership for consumers with credit challenges, providing access to a "dedicated coach" to help them become "mortgage-ready."

"Zavvie’s expanded marketplace for brokerages is helping turn more people with a desire to own a home into a market-ready buyer," said Mark Johnson, CEO of JPAR – Real Estate, one of the nation’s leading real estate brokerages and franchise enterprise with more than 3,500 agents serving 65 markets across 24 states.

"These innovative buyer-focused firms teaming with zavvie also are helping to level the playing field for first-time and repeat buyers. With new tools like all-cash offers and buy-before-you-sell solutions, more buyers will compete successfully in the market today," Johnson added.

Zavvie created the first iBuyer marketplace to help brokerages keep agents at the center of sales transactions, and less than a year later added modern buy-before-you-sell bridge solutions from leading Power Buyers. zavvie is focused on delivering every buying and selling solution a modern brokerage needs to meet consumer demand.

All cash offers to win a home with multiple bids, instant sales from iBuyers, modern bridge programs to help sellers buy their next home before selling their old one, listing concierge services to help prepare and repair a home to maximize a sale without sellers lifting a finger, cash offers that enable buyers to compete better, and home warranty options to help protect the budgets of cash-strapped new homeowners — zavvie offers all these tools for brokerages and is continually expanding its suite of available solutions for buyers and sellers alike. 

"The modern brokerage is offering today what almost every brokerage will eventually offer in the future," explained zavvie’s Hornung. "But housing affordability and accessibility are still untapped territory for many brokerages, which are bypassing an opportunity to keep agents at the center of every transaction."

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