Ylopo Releases a Comprehensive Suite of Seller-Focused Real Estate Lead Generation and Marketing Tools

LOS ANGELES, May 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Acknowledging the real estate industry’s need for superior seller lead generation and digital marketing in today’s hyper-extreme seller’s market, Ylopo has released a full suite of unique seller tools that aim to give its clients an edge over the competition when it comes to seller lead gen, lead nurture, and lead conversion.

Over the last year as the real estate market quickly morphed into the competitive seller’s market that it is today, Ylopo was diligently working to develop the tools they knew were lacking in the industry and would soon be a necessity for all seller-focused real estate agents.

The new suite of tools now dubbed the “Ultimate Sellers System” (shortened to “USS Ylopo”) provides a variety of options for agents to build more seller business and win more listings. Ylopo users are now able to target and generate more seller-specific leads, trigger lead nurturing that speaks directly to sellers, and gain easy access to customized seller reports. Each of these tools intends to elevate the potential value that the real estate agent is able to provide to their client while collectively enhancing the seller’s transactional experience from start to finish. Additionally, these tools give Ylopo clients extra leverage during listing presentations; helping them win more clients and beat out competing agents who are unable to offer similar marketing features or reporting benefits.

Ylopo co-founder and chief marketing officer Juefeng Ge stated, “We believe our USS Ylopo set of tools leads the industry in seller lead generation, lead nurture, and lead conversion. There’s no other end-to-end solution that generates clients new leads and helps them get the most of their past clients and databases.” Ge concludes, “We’re extremely proud of what we’ve built, especially during the current market.”

The first part of the feature set for USS Ylopo centers around lead generation that precisely targets seller leads. Ylopo attracts new seller clients with carefully targeted seller ads pushed out via Google Pay Per Click, Google Local Services Ads, and Facebook. Taking it a step beyond lead generation, Ylopo then activates what they call “seller remarketing.” Seller remarketing essentially keeps the agent’s brand front-and-center continuously so the newly generated leads never have to look elsewhere to fulfill their real estate needs; thus, greatly increasing the rate of lead conversion for the agent. 

The second focus of USS Ylopo is on seller-specific lead nurture. Ylopo took some of their already existing tools including dynamic remarketing, social media branding videos, and the virtual ISA RaiYa, and optimized them to be distinctly tailored to winning more sellers and listings. Additionally, Ylopo has made it easy for agents to generate personalized seller reports through their exclusive integration with Homebot. Homebot helps drive repeat and referral business to real estate agents by helping their seller clients build wealth. All of the Homebot features built into the Ylopo experience are available at no additional cost to Ylopo clients.

For more information about Ylopo’s complete suite of new seller tools and to see the full lineup of product offerings, visit www.ylopo.com/seller.

About Ylopo LLC.
Founded in 2016 by Howard Tager and Juefeng Ge, Ylopo is a “next generation” digital marketing technology company. Ylopo has built an intuitive online marketing platform that delivers innovative “done for you” cross-platform digital marketing services and is specifically designed to serve the real estate industry. Ylopo helps brokerages, teams, and agents more efficiently and effectively grow their business, team, and brand.

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