Ylopo Recently Named by Facebook as a Top Real Estate Digital Marketing Provider

LOS ANGELES, April 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Ylopo, the leading provider of digital marketing services to the real estate industry, and one of the few companies in the industry exclusively focused on digital advertising and marketing, is honored to announce their elevated partnership with Facebook. Ylopo has been officially selected as one of only a handful of elite providers to be included and named to Facebook’s new Top Providers Initiative.

With the increasing popularity of social platforms being leveraged as tools for business growth, a large number of companies claiming to provide top-notch marketing and ad services have emerged in the marketplace, giving customers an overwhelming array of options to sift through when attempting to select a digital marketing partner. Because of the impact this influx has had on the real estate community, Facebook introduced their Top Providers Initiative to protect the best interests of the users who are part of this social community on Facebook and Instagram. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to provide real estate professionals with access to a concise list of Facebook’s top and most trusted marketing and ad providers; empowering real estate professionals to more confidently and quickly select their digital marketing partner.

Facebook’s Top Providers list not only highlights the companies that have the best-in-class tools available, but their selections are also inclusive of the companies that historically provided the most effective marketing services on the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

According to Ylopo CEO and co-founder Howard Tager, “We are incredibly honored that Ylopo has been named to the Facebook Top Providers Initiative,” Tager goes on to point out that, “Our partners at Facebook realize that real estate professionals are presented with a lot of options when it comes to running advertising across Facebook and Instagram, and the choice can be overwhelming. My hat is off to Facebook for creating this initiative in order to help out the real estate community by providing a very short list of companies like Ylopo who can be trusted to provide best-in-class tools to help agents, teams, and brokerages grow their business via Facebook and Instagram marketing.”

As a pure-play digital marketing solution for real estate, Ylopo is uniquely positioned to offer their customers with unmatched lead generation, dynamic remarketing, AI texting, video marketing, and custom-branded IDX websites. To further strengthen their advanced suite of specialized tools, Ylopo employs a team of highly talented digital marketing experts who masterfully provide the most effective real estate marketing services in the industry giving agents, teams, and brokerages the ability to confidently delegate the entirety of their digital marketing needs to Ylopo.

About Ylopo LLC.
Founded in 2016 by Howard Tager and Juefeng Ge, Ylopo is a “next generation” digital marketing technology company. Ylopo has built an intuitive online marketing platform that delivers innovative “done for you” cross-platform digital marketing services and is specifically designed to serve the real estate industry. Ylopo helps brokerages, teams, and agents more efficiently and effectively grow their business, team, and brand.

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