Winnow Solutions, LLC, a Buckley LLP Company, Launches New Online Platform to Help Companies Fast-Track Compliance Management and Research

LOS ANGELES, April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Buckley LLP (, a leading financial services law firm, today announced the founding of Winnow Solutions, LLC and the launch of Winnow (, an interactive, online application that allows financial services companies and others to generate custom state regulatory surveys and searches based on their business type, licenses, financial products, and the areas those products and services are offered. Instead of wading through costly reports filled with irrelevant provisions, Winnow allows customers to generate, export, and save customized surveys that only contain results applicable to them, in a matter of moments. If those results change over time, Winnow sends a notification so customers can compare the differences, react quickly and adjust their operations as needed.

“The financial services compliance and research space is ripe for disruption and for the enhanced use of cost-saving technology to deliver customized results – Buckley founded Winnow Solutions, LLC to deliver on that goal. This technology makes Winnow the cost competitive solution for high quality topic-based surveys,” said Clinton Rockwell, Managing Partner of Buckley LLP’s California offices. “Among the things that distinguishes Winnow are its highly tailored and relevant results, based on the customer’s business type and licensing, the financial products they offer, and where they offer them. The variety of customization options makes Winnow a game-changing solution for in-house legal and compliance teams.”

Winnow covers state laws and regulations applicable to the entire lifecycle of mortgage, auto, credit card, consumer, and commercial-purpose lending and financing. It also includes requirements related to the lending and servicing of these products, including such topics as marketing and advertising, licensing, debt collection, telemarketing, notary requirements, electronic signatures and documents, powers of attorney, and privacy and data security. Additionally, Winnow offers reference charts for state and federal requirements and other helpful at-a-glance resources to save customers even more time. Winnow is planning to add federal requirements to its survey and search capabilities and modules dedicated to (1) foreclosure compliance, with state-specific foreclosure checklists, and (2) over 60 topics regarding deposits, both with release dates anticipated for later this year. To keep everything up-to-date, Winnow has a dedicated team of research attorneys who monitor regulatory changes, official guidance, and industry trends, ensuring timely changes to rules and regulations.

“Today’s financial services environment requires a faster and more cost-effective approach to regulatory compliance change management and legal research,” said Chris Hilliard, Chief Operating Officer of Winnow Solutions, LLC. “With Winnow’s customizable surveys, timely updates and dedicated customer support, companies can not only save on costly legal fees, they can also fast-track their compliance management process and legal research. They can trust they’re getting outstanding service, attention, and tailored results.”

Winnow offers an annual subscription to financial services companies, consultancy firms, fintechs, and other market participants, making it an affordable enterprise solution with no per-license seat fees. Customers can purchase subscriptions to individual modules based on their unique needs, including privacy and data security. Winnow also offers single-use surveys for fixed prices and the ability to purchase an inventory of rules and regulations specific to each financial services company.

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About Winnow Solutions, LLC
Winnow Solutions, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Buckley LLP and was created to disrupt the compliance and legal research space. Its first product offering, Winnow, is an interactive online application that delivers cost-saving technology to identify legal requirements tailored to a company’s specific needs using a comprehensive and dynamic database of state regulatory requirements. Winnow enables companies to generate surveys and searches tailored to their business type and licensing, the financial products and services they offer, and where they offer them. Winnow Solutions, LLC also serves those companies that support financial services companies.

About Buckley LLP
With offices in Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and London, Buckley LLP offers premier enforcement, litigation, compliance, regulatory, and transactional services to financial services institutions and early-stage and leading fintech and technology companies, as well as venture capital and private equity funds, investment companies, and corporate and individual clients throughout the world. “The best at what they do in the country.” (Chambers USA)

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IMPORTANT: Winnow is a software product offered by Winnow Solutions, LLC, which is not engaged in the practice of law. Winnow is not legal advice or a substitute for legal advice from a licensed attorney. The purchase or use of Winnow does not establish attorney-client relationships with or protections from Winnow Solutions, LLC or Buckley LLP.

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