Why Mobile Home Investing Is The Best Opportunity For Everyday Real Estate Investors

MIAMI, Oct. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —┬áMost people know that more millionaires are created by real estate than anything else but at the same time, a majority of people can’t come up with the large down payment needed, or the high credit score required by banks, or have the right mentor and guidance to help them become successful in real estate.

One of the least understood real estate niches are mobile homes and mobile home parks. Mobile home investing takes a lot less money needed to do flips (you can even do wholesale deals where no money comes out of your pocket), you don’t need to have a 700 credit score or have to put down 20% which is the average down payment most banks want for real estate.

It’s a lot less complicated than single-family that anybody can do even with no previous experience. Most people want to do single-family real estate which ends up being very competitive as there are so many TV shows and conferences about it. However, there is a very high demand for affordable housing which mobile homes solve that problem. The average American home is over $300k now and that prices out a large majority of people wanting to own a home. Used mobile homes can be bought for very cheap even sometimes for just a few thousand dollars.

Another benefit is that typical real estate brokers completely ignore this niche and this creates a huge opportunity for everyday real estate investors to take advantage. You don’t even need to pay a real estate broker a commission to sell your investments, unlike all other real estate niches. You can get started and become a mobile home investor in less than a month.

The Mobile Home Wealth Academy is the number 1 online course teaching step by step how to flip, wholesale, and invest in mobile homes. Jonathan Tuttle, who also is the Fund manager at a mobile home park real estate Fund called Midwest Park Capital teaches the course. "Mobile homes are the easiest, cheapest, less competitive real estate out there that anyone with no background in real estate can do very well in. In addition, to help provide a quality and safe home for families that need it."

Jonathan Tuttle


SOURCE Mobile Home Wealth Academy