What Will Happen to the U.S. and Global Economy in the Next 50 Years?

Renowned demographer and economist Alan Nevin’s new book, The Next Half Century, tells which cities and countries will fare best

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With so much talk of doom and gloom in the U.S. and abroad, it is easy to worry that life will only get worse in the next half century. But according to Alan Nevin, a demographer, economist and author of the new book, The Next Half Century, the data show something much brighter. Global changes in population, lifestyle, education and employment point to the U.S. continuing to lead the way in creating new industries and jobs.

Nevin has devoted his career to studying the growth of the world’s leading economies, with a focus on real estate development and trends. Often featured in the San Diego Daily Transcript and San Diego Business Journal, he can discuss:

  • What to expect in the economies of California, Texas, Georgia, Florida and the Carolinas
  • Why the single-family detached home will become a rarity — as will going to a hospital for health care
  • How climate change is going to affect the construction, infrastructure and insurance industries
  • Whether Deng Xiaoping’s famous one-child policy is causing a long-term irreversible slowdown in the Chinese economy
  • Why India will threaten China’s status as the largest country
  • What the Russian population’s health woes will mean for that country
  • Which countries will join China and India as Second World nations

Praise for The Next Half Century

“Nevin has shown us how today’s world is shifting, evolving, and reshaping itself. An essential read for the thoughtful person who wants to understand where we are headed and what to expect.” Cheryl Soon, fellow, American Institute of Certified Planners and author of Reflections in Stone and Bronze

“This book marshals a range of detailed facts to paint a picture of a remarkable change in the prosperity of people around the world that we should expect to see over the next 50 years.” James D. Hamilton, professor of economics, University of California at San Diego

About the Author

Alan Nevin is a real estate economist, demographer and futurist. He is the director of the Economic Research Division of GAFCON, a construction management consulting firm based in San Diego. As a consultant, he provides advice for real estate owners and developers and serves the legal community as an expert witness and appraiser. Former chief economist for the California Building Industry Association, Nevin is a co-founder of the UC San Diego Economics Roundtable, a fellow of the Lambda Alpha International Land Economics Society, and an active member of the Land Economics Foundation. He holds two master’s degrees, one in statistics and research from Stanford University and an MBA in real estate economics from American University.

For more information, contact Alan Nevin, (619) 417-1817;
; https://nevinadvisors.com

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