WealthStone LLC Expands its Real Estate Platform Specializing in Multifamily, Industrial, and Hospitality Properties

LOS ANGELES, March 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — WealthStone LLC, a real estate organization focused on income-producing assets, has announced the expansion of its private equity platform to a wider audience. The firm finds individualized high-quality commercial real estate opportunities for its global partners, each calibrated to the partner’s unique circumstances and individual risk tolerances.

Contrary to the exclusive focus of other private equity firms on large institutions, WealthStone LLC welcomes a diverse group of partners, including mid-market pension funds, insurance companies, corporate investors, endowments, foundations, wealth advisors, family offices, and accredited high net worth individuals. Our approach allows us to be agile and responsive, providing customized solutions and personalized attention to our partners. At WealthStone LLC, we prioritize building long-term relationships based on trust and shared values. As the sponsor of its projects, WealthStone LLC oversees the sourcing, acquisition, financing, and asset management of real estate on behalf of its partnerships. The firm manages each investment targeting pre-set financial objectives, while undertaking in-depth analysis, physical and operational due diligence, and a rigorous evaluation process assessing risks and benefits.

With over 20 years and $2 billion of management legacy expertise, WealthStone LLC structures partnerships focusing on quality asset, in the top markets for multifamily, industrial, hotels & resorts, as well as office buildings including medical, that have a strong underlying rationale. These assets can provide a total annualized return of 10% to 15% internal rate of return (IRR), may include a target annual cash dividend of 5% to 8% for partners, depending on the asset class, strategy, holding period and business plan for each property.

“We believe that our boutique approach to private equity sets us apart to the more distant and impersonal larger firms. Our team listens carefully to our capital partners’ goals, reacts quickly to identify, and capitalize on emerging opportunities ” said Jean Paul Szita, Managing Director at WealthStone LLC.

WealthStone believes in flexible joint venture arrangements that allow us to uncover value in real estate assets while ensuring an alignment of interests with our partners. By nature, commercial real estate is capital intensive, so depending on the opportunity, an acquisition can be structured through a single partnership or, as the case might be, a club deal with a number of partners.

Depending on the asset class, market, and strategy, core real estate typically focuses on stable, income-generating assets that offer lower risk and, consequently, more conservative potential returns. In contrast, a value-add strategy involves taking on more risk by investing in properties that require improvements or repositioning to increase their value, but also can offer the potential for greater returns. Moving between these strategies is a balancing act, between taking on more or less risk and being compensated for that risk with a higher or lower return.

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