Victory Property Management Announces Rebranding to MoveZen Property Management

WILMINGTON, N.C., Aug. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Victory Property Management, a leading regional property management firm, has officially announced its rebranding to “MoveZen” Property Management. This name change is a reflection of the company’s ongoing commitment to a customer-first approach and the introduction of new, dynamic service offerings.

“The transition to MoveZen embodies our vision of seamless integration between our customers’ goals and our innovative strategies. If the customer isn’t on board with the plan, achieving the desired results becomes a challenge. MoveZen emphasizes collaboration and a shared journey towards success.”

The rebranding to MoveZen not only aligns with the company’s core values but also signifies an exciting evolution. As part of its growth and diversification, MoveZen is unveiling a new range of services that will further enhance the customer experience. Among the new offerings will be proprietary market research and reports, built to rent development, and an efficient minor repair service, tailored to expedite essential property maintenance without compromising quality.

“MoveZen is not just a name; it’s our philosophy. It’s about moving with purpose, efficiency, and mindfulness,” explained Alisha Robbins, General Manager. “Our new repair service is just the beginning. We’re evolving into a more dynamic company, ready to respond to our customers’ diverse needs with agility and precision.”

The change to MoveZen is effective immediately, and customers will start to notice new branding in all company materials, website, and communications. Current and future residents can expect the same level of commitment to excellence, now augmented by the progressive vision that MoveZen represents.

For more information about MoveZen Property Management and its services, please visit Https://MoveZen360.Com or contact Alisha Robbins.

About MoveZen Property Management: MoveZen Property Management, formerly known as Victory Property Management, is a premier property management company specializing in residential properties. With a customer-centric approach, MoveZen delivers unparalleled service and innovative solutions that resonate with modern rental investment strategies. Headquartered in Wilmington, NC, MoveZen is set to redefine property management through continuous improvement and a keen focus on customer satisfaction.

Press Contact: Jordan Davey, Marketing Director, 910.447.9495

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