Vessel Technologies Unveils Multifamily Housing Industry’s First Franchising Opportunity

Offers would-be housing providers a unique opportunity to forge a career in the multifamily industry while serving their community.

NEW YORK, May 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Vessel Technologies is launching the multifamily housing industry’s first franchising opportunity, affording local entrepreneurs the unprecedented opportunity to build a career in real estate and a legacy of service to their own communities.

Vessel franchisees need have no prior experience in the operation of an apartment building, as they’ll receive all the training they need at Vessel University, and will have the option of selecting among investment models ranging from a capital-light, lease-based model to a more capital-intensive ownership model.

Vessel’s vision of the future is, in many respects, a return to the past, when local “mom and pop” owners provided residents with personalized, hands-on customer service and in so doing, built personal wealth. “For generations, multifamily real estate has been an exceptional source of income that’s available only to the wealthy or well-connected,” said Neil Rubler, Vessel Technologies Founder & CEO. “Vessel changes all that by offering everyday people the opportunity for an extraordinary career. As a Vessel franchisee, you’ll have all the resources and guidance required and we’ll support you in every way we can to ensure your success.”

To launch its franchising effort, Vessel has tapped industry veteran Gus Stamoutsos as Director of Franchise Development. Stamoutsos is a seasoned franchising industry executive who most recently served as Executive Vice President of Development for Wyndham Worldwide. Prior to joining Wyndham, Stamoutsos was Vice President of Franchise Sales and Acquisitions for Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc., where he led the integration of Jackson Hewitt as a new franchise.

The Vessel system is a 21st century apartment product that’s exceptional in every way, including its pricing. Residents enjoy homes that are filled with light and air, equipped with the latest technology, and designed for their safety and security, all at a rent that works for working people. Often these include first responders, teachers, municipal workers, and other hard-working individuals who would love to live in the communities they serve. Vessel also caters to seniors looking to downsize or young adults hoping to live in the community they’ve long called home.

About Vessel Technologies, Inc.
Vessel Technologies, founded by Neil Rubler, is a mission-driven, 21st century housing product company focused on reimagining the apartment building as a consumer product by creating exciting, sustainable, and user-centric housing at attainable prices. Vessel believes that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to an extraordinary life, which begins with access to a high quality, healthy, safe, and sustainable residence. Founded in 2017 and based in New York City, Vessel Technologies currently has over 10 projects under development throughout the Northeast.

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