Valleywide Patio Covers Expands Into Boise Market

BOISE, Idaho, April 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Valleywide Fence and Deck is thrilled to announce that it is expanding into the Boise market so that they can bring their experience in the fencing and patio business to Idaho’s population. Prior to today, Valleywide has focused their services largely in Grand Junction and its surrounding areas, but they are excited at the opportunity to serve more customers by jumping the state line and serving clients in and around Boise!

The mission at the heart of Valleywide Fence and Deck is to ensure that customers get the patio, fence, deck, or gazebo of their dreams while partnering with a reliable contracting company. They strive to bring customers’ visions to life through professional communication and a personalized approach to their clients’ needs.

Expanding into the Boise market allows Valleywide to reach a larger market and offer their services to a greater number of people. They offer free estimates so that customers can consult with the professional contracting team and ensure that it is the right fit for their needs. When looking to improve a home with the addition of fixtures like a deck, it is best to get it right on the first try. Valleywide will make a custom plan with their clients in order to make sure that their customers get the exact result that they are hoping for from contracting experts that care about them and their vision for their home.

Special financing plans are available with a broad spectrum of timelines in order to make sure that no one is prohibited from having the deck, patio, or fence of their dreams. 

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About Valleywide: Valleywide produces and fabricates their material in-house, so they can guarantee its quality while offering customers the security of a substantial warranty. Their commitment to quality and collaboration with their clients is unparalleled and ensures that the ultimate outcome of their patio, deck, or pergola is exactly what they envisioned. Learn more about their process and contact Valleywide today for home improvement needs in Idaho at

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