Unique Real Estate Tech Developer ‘Terrakan’ Announces Official Web Launch – Signature Platform Helps Homeowners and Realtors Generate Reports, Perform Comprehensive Listing Research and Network with Industry Professionals

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Terrakan (https://www.terrakan.com/) recently announced its official launch, with the unveiling of an all-inclusive portal that brings together the protean and often equivocal world of real estate in one place. For the first time, homeowners can find and speak with professionals, ask for advice, take advantage of concierge services, read detailed property development research, post listings, do group projects, and have access to a wealth of other educational tools and resources at any time. Terrakan also offers information-gathering, elementary analysis, and lively forums that help property owners connect and make sense of an often-confusing and shifting industry. Terrakan’s signature service is a ground-breaking, proprietary program that allows homeowners to input specific data about single-family listings, which then accesses a variety of databases to enable the quick generation of crucial, personalized feasibility reports.

“We’re extremely proud to introduce and showcase Terrakan to the world,” said Thomas Bailey. “It brings together a variety of real estate services all under one digital roof. Terrakan is more than just an archive of valuable real estate data – it’s a functional and organic workplace that allows experienced professionals to meet, confer, and network; offers users access to important empirical data that impacts the whole industry; and allows homeowners a one-stop destination to help them prepare and plan the sale of their home, in an easy, stress-free way. And best of all, Terrakan offers feasibility report generation, which is just an absolute game changer for our industry. Using a few criteria, our powerful search engine gathers and collates reams of data on specific sites, displaying that data in a clear, concise and comprehensive analysis – everything a homeowner needs to know to sell their property. These reports also serve as a valuable data tool for investors. With Terrakan, what normally took weeks or months of research to gather can now be finished in a matter of minutes.”

Terrakan: Real Estate Resources for Everyone

Terrakan is an archive and curator both, providing a full spectrum of real estate information relevant to: 

  • Real Estate Developers or Investors
  • Single-Family Buyers, Owners, or Flippers
  • Multi-Family Reports

Terrakan helps property owners leverage all elements of the real estate market to make the wisest and most up-to-date buying and selling decisions. Resource listings on the site include architects, mortgage brokers, realtors, researchers, and other professionals that homeowners need. Regardless of knowledge, experience, or financial resources, Terrakan works on the principle that anyone can become a real estate development expert as long as they have access to the correct information.

“Terrakan is a digital real estate mentor that never sleeps,” said David Park. “With everything an owner or realtor could need to provide detailed information on preparing accurate listings, or to understand such listings, we believe Terrakan will soon become an indispensable resource. One that each and every real estate professional will have to check 5 or 6 times a day as a crucial aspect of their workflow.”

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About Terrakan LLC

Terrakan is a real estate portal created to handle all property development needs from a single location. With a suite of tools that includes comprehensive databases, online resources, analysis, and other services, Terrakan can help generate reports to cover single and multi-family residences for real estate investors, homeowners and other speculators. Terrakan is the only portal that gives access to estimated project costs, development risks, buildable areas and expected profits, all with just a few clicks. Simply put: Terrakan saves developers time and money. Learn more at: www.Terrakan.com.

Media Contact:

Jeannie Lee, R&D Specialist


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