Transcendent Investment Management Launches CleanLiving Health and Wellness™ Division to Inspire Health Equity in Real Estate

MIAMI, Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Transcendent Investment Management (TIM), a diversified private equity real estate investment firm and vertically integrated manager, has announced the launch of CleanLiving Health and Wellness™, a collection of programs and purpose-built communities that feature products and services designed to support good health, well-being, and mindfulness. 

“Our vision behind CleanLiving Health and Wellness is to inspire health equity on a global scale,” said Jordan Kavana, CEO of Transcendent Investment Management, the parent company for CleanLiving Health and Wellness™. “We have been able to develop affordable access to products, programs, and services, grounded by evidence-based research, to achieve proactive health and longevity.”

The CleanLiving Health and Wellness™ programs are supported by six fundamental pillars to enhance health, well-being, and longevity to TIM residents and beyond. With the belief that health starts at home, lifestyle and behavior changes that are backed by science can support the journey to optimal wellness.

The pillars are focused on:

Nutraceuticals/Botanicals: work with your biology by supporting or optimizing normal enzyme function and biochemical reactions. 

Movement: Movement is not just about fitness but about honoring your body and how it changes through the years. 

Nutrition: The food we eat gives our bodies the “information” and materials needed to optimize function. 

Testing: Blood testing is one of the most powerful tools to take control of your life and become proactive about your health. 

Sleep Hygiene: Sleep is a critical part of our daily physiological activity when we process, restore, and strengthen. 

Emotional Health: Learning to regulate your emotions can give you strength from within and help you better connect with others.

As one of the country’s largest property owners, TIM allocates approximately $300 million per year to acquisitions and has executed more than $1 billion in transactions since inception. Transcendent currently manages more than 1 million square feet of properties across the country. The initial roll-out of CleanLiving Health and Wellness™ products, programs, and services will be to the TIM communities and residents.

The mission for CleanLiving Health and Wellness™ is to develop a multi-faceted wellness ecosystem empowering individuals and communities to unlock the potential of human health and longevity. The new division aims to bring health into the everyday home and other real estate projects nationally. For more information, visit

About Transcendent Investment Management
Transcendent Investment Management (TIM) is a diversified private equity real estate investment firm and vertically integrated manager that focuses on the acquisition, development, and management of single-family homes and attached townhome rentals. TIM provides quality, new construction residences from national home builders that are competitively priced and support a healthy lifestyle to residents. TIM centers their investment strategy around scattered build-for-rent (BFR) newly constructed homes in new communities and purpose-built BFR of new homes highly-amenitized communities. Their newest division, Clean Living Health and Wellness™, is a collection of communities that will feature technology, programming, and amenities designed to support health, well-being, and mindfulness for all residents. For more information on TIM, please visit

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