The Only Privately Owned Continental Triple Divide in U.S. Seeks a New Steward: ‘Triple Divide Farms’ Up for Sale by Brokers Realty Group

GENESEE, Pa., May 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — officially announced the sale of Triple Divide Farms and the Eastern Continental Triple Divide: a 740-acre mountain-farm location in Potter County, Pa., that houses the origin of three major rivers. The land has been responsibly and regeneratively farmed with grass finished beef and lamb, provides high tensile fenced pastures, and even includes a four-bedroom farmhouse built around 1890. The price is set at $20 million for this extremely vital property with a deep Native American history, exclusively represented by realtors John Rainville and Arlene “Rain” Hess.

“The current owners of the farm are proud stewards, looking for a single owner or conservancy who will continue maintaining the purity of this land,” said John A. Rainville from Brokers Realty. “What the Torok family has managed to accomplish here by holding this space is quite remarkable: these water sources become important rivers that terminate in the North Atlantic Ocean through the Saint Lawrence Seaway, the Chesapeake Bay, and the Gulf of Mexico. That represents the livelihood and recreation for millions of folks along the course: all sourced here, in the natural wonder of the Triple Divide Farms.”

The Triple Divide Farms: A Living Seneca Origin Legend

A story is told by the Seneca people of a wise chief named Nahimen who was gifted with the power of prophecy. A widower, Nahimen foresaw the future of his three daughters and was saddened to discover they would fall-in with wicked men and corrupted associates, their futures ruined. Assisted by the wisdom of his wife’s spirit, Nahimen realized the only way to save his daughters was to transform them into “something everlasting such as a tree, a rock, or a river.” He was counseled to visit an aging sorceress who could work the magic.  

Nahimen chose the shape of a river for his daughters, knowing it would flow on forever and ensure their immortality. All three children accepted their fate, believing it to be a wise course of action. And so it was that the three daughters were transformed by the sorceress into three springs: Gay-nay-sayo (Genesee), Allie-gay-nay (Allegheny), and Tya-dahg-tun (Tiadaghton, or Pine Creek: the largest tributary of the Susquehanna). Chief Nahimen died a happy man and legend says he was buried on the farm, atop headwaters mountain, close to where the three springs still flow out of the ground.

To learn more about the incredible history of the land, or to explore the specific amenities of the Triple Divide Farms, please visit: Or text “TripleDivide” to 79564.

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