The Office Exchange Disrupts the Outdated Office Rental Business

DENVER, Aug. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Is the office dead? This question has been living rent-free in the mind of many business leaders and commercial property owners since the pandemic began. Overnight, many traditionally office-based roles were sent to work from home, and it went better than many individuals and businesses expected. Employees and entrepreneurs were able to break out of the traditional mindset on where work happens, and how it gets done.

This new shift has led many in the corporate world to adopt a new hybrid-based model of work. So the office isn’t dead, it’s evolving to the new standards of flexibility. This is where The Office Exchange comes in.

The Office Exchange is a platform allowing decision makers on both sides of the commercial real estate market to host or be a guest in available office spaces. The model applies a similar approach to other commodity-sharing applications such as Airbnb, Coop, or Turo, but with the mission of helping businesses and their employees work whenever, wherever, and on their terms, without being constrained to unfavorable long-term rental contracts… 

In the less than two years since The Office Exchange has begun disrupting this market, the company has successfully raised the seed funding needed to complete beta testing and officially launch in 3 large metropolitan areas, including Denver, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Birmingham. But this is only the beginning for the company as it continues to grow its footprint across the nation.

"When many companies successfully shifted to a remote and hybrid environment in 2020, I knew the office would permanently evolve from its pre-pandemic state. With the foresight that work would change forever, I realized the answer to change was the answer to ‘what’s next’? We don’t need to rid ourselves of the office, the solution is how we modernize the way we obtain commercial real estate effectively," said Devin Davie, Chief Executive Officer of The Office Exchange.

Other companies have tried to remedy this and provide better short-term rental options to those searching for office space, but they have often come short either through unfavorable fee structures or outdated technology that lacks necessary UX principles. The Office Exchange meets the need to provide flexible office space rentals through its technologically advanced platform and lower-than-industry-standard revenue splitting structure.

"Office space is never going away, the terms of which it’s being used are changing. The Office Exchange is bridging the gap between the change, making it possible for organizations to evolve with the industry," said Anthony Grivet, Chief Technology Officer of The Office Exchange.

Now that the platform is officially launched, The Office Exchange is currently onboarding hosts with available office spaces onto the marketplace, allowing these hosts to provide guests with the space they need to accommodate the post-pandemic hybrid working professional. This provides you with the unique opportunity to be a part of this evolution.

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