The North Star Capital Fund LLC Reports Another Quarter of Double-Digit Returns

CONCORD, Calif., Dec. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The North Star Capital Fund LLC is once again accepting new investor capital! Due to the Fund’s great returns and success, the Fund experienced an overflow of new investor capital requests. This resulted in the Fund’s Management temporarily closing the Fund to new capital investments until now. The North Star Capital Fund LLC returns have exceeded 13.8% since inception for those investors with rollover accounts, and have also surpassed a 10% return for every quarter of the Fund’s existence. The Fund continues to outperform its peer group of private money investment funds, report co-managers John W. Simonse, President of LHJS Investments LLC, and Mark Hanf, CEO of Pacific Private Money, Inc. The high returns, which are over 50% higher than the average rate of return for private loan funds, are not unusual for Funds managed by Mr. Simonse, who has over a 20-year track record of consistently producing returns in excess of 10% annualized percentage rate (APR). Mr. Simonse states that "The higher-than-average returns can be attributed more to our management team of Mathias Coordes, the Fund’s head underwriter and loan originator, Mark, and myself. We also have a great group of employees who have worked in the construction lending field for many years." Adds Mr. Simonse, "To keep our returns high for our existing Fund Members, we have a policy of not taking in more capital than we can invest right away. There are some funds that take in too much capital and are either forced to make loans of lesser quality or end up with lower returns for their investors. We never want to be in that position."

"Every loan that we fund is a safe loan," states Mr. Coordes. "When you consider that every Fund investor has their investment spread across all the loans in the Fund, then I would have to say that you cannot find any other investment with this high a rate of return that provides this much security." Mark Hanf adds, "In addition, every loan that The North Star Capital Fund invests in is secured by a deed of trust, one of the highest forms of investment security available today." Mark goes on to say that, "All of the construction projects we lend on have third-party independent reviews of the budgets and valuations of the finished project." Mr. Simonse adds, "We prefer to lend to experienced builders with good track records that are building in desirable real estate markets, and to borrowers with strong financials.    

"The North Star Capital Fund continues to see very strong deal flow. With the continued lack of housing in California, and favorable housing laws being passed by the state, we don’t see the high demand for construction loans ending any time soon," states Mr. Coordes.

About The North Star Capital Fund LLC

The North Star Capital Fund is open to accredited investors only.

The Fund provides construction, remodel, and other business-purpose loans, primarily in the Bay Area and other select cities throughout California. The demand for construction lending is extremely high. If you would like to invest in trust deeds alongside Mr. Simonse and his partners, the Fund is now accepting new investors.

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