The Evolution of Factory-built Homes

From innovative technology, luxurious design, and a full-service experience, The Home Gallery has revolutionized the manufactured housing industry

MALIBU, Calif., Feb. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CA-based factory home builder, The Home Gallery, has had a significant impact on the evolution of factory-built homes, once known as manufactured homes. The term ‘factory-built’ home refers to its building process. The homes are built to strict federal building code standards within a controlled environment in a factory and fully inspected on the factory floor, making both permitting and installation fast and efficient. The Home Gallery coined the phrase factory-built after it completely revolutionized the traditional look and process of a manufactured home.

“Factory-built homes continue to change the homeowner landscape,” said Or Michaelo, CEO and Founder of The Home Gallery. “At The Home Gallery, we want people to not only have the opportunity to become a homeowner but to have the experience of a traditional new build construction home. Our goal is to get people the home of their dreams in the locations they want, at a price point they can afford.”

The Home Gallery has been a disruptor in the manufactured housing industry and has led the charge on evolving what we previously knew as manufactured homes. Unlike with the stereotypical manufactured home, with a factory-built home purchased through The Home Gallery, customers can expect a one-stop shop with innovative technology, luxurious design, and a full-service experience.

Innovative Technology

The Home Gallery is the first of its kind to feature a high-tech buying process complete with both virtual and augmented reality components. With the help of The Home Gallery agents, customers can “build out” their custom home by selecting the floor plan and model that fits their needs and budget, adding unique design features such as a patio or pool, and then “walking through it” virtually. The Home Gallery is also equipped with an augmented reality component that allows them to go out to the customer’s property and use an iPad to “drop” a particular floor plan on the lot, allowing customers to see what it would look like on their property.

Also, when a client purchases a factory-built home from The Home Gallery, they are choosing a home that produces less waste and has a reduced carbon footprint when compared to site-built homes or the old-fashioned manufactured homes. Each home is solar panel ready and carbon credits are purchased that goes towards planting trees to offset the impact of the manufacturing process.

Luxurious and Attainable Design

Factory-built homes have improved in aesthetic appeal too. The Home Gallery has pushed the boundaries of design, capturing an elevated feel to all of their homes. The Home Gallery offers many customization options for buyers including overall floor plan design style (contemporary, traditional, modern) siding color, flooring, cabinetry, and finish upgrades, just as you would when building a new traditional stick-built home. Customers can even select furniture hand-picked for specific floor plans meaning clients can create a home that truly reflects their unique style.

Full-Service Experience

The Home Gallery agents handle everything from start to finish for buyers, including entitlements and permitting, which makes the entire process simple and easy, and provides a one-stop-shop for all your home buying and design needs. The homes can be designed, built, and transported to the site in as few as six weeks.

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About The Home Gallery

The Homes Gallery is a curated collection of the premier brands in ‘factory-built’ homes. Its website features an array of factory-built homes, from traditional floor plans to cross-mod and contemporary models, with an extensive price range for modest budgets and luxury options. All models in The Home Gallery line are built to the highest federal building codes and are ready to place in any zoning. For the eco-conscious buyer, each home comes solar panel ready, and for each home built in the factory, The Home Gallery buys carbon credits that go towards planting more trees to offset the environmental impact. With the assistance of an agent and their virtual and augmented reality portal, customers can create and choose customized finishes for their homes with design elements such as patios, pools, or even hand-picked furniture for specific floor plans. To experience it for yourself, visit

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