Survey: Plus Relocation Clients Are the Most Satisfied in the Industry

MINNEAPOLIS, May 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Staying true to its mission of "delivering delight," Plus Relocation has the most satisfied clients in the mobility industry, according to the results of the most recent industry-wide survey.

In the 18th annual international Relocation Managers’ Survey from Trippel Survey & Research, LLC — which is the mobility industry’s most comprehensive and trusted third-party survey — Plus recorded an 8.88 out of 10 average rating for overall satisfaction, which was first among all relocation management companies.

Plus also had best-in-class marks in the following categories:

  • Quality of People and Service Delivery (average score and net satisfaction)
  • Local Supplier Management (average score and net satisfaction)
  • Technology (average score and net satisfaction)

"As we’ve continued to navigate this pandemic as well as ongoing supply chain challenges, it’s been our goal to always provide world-class service to our clients," Plus CEO Susan Benevides said. "We see ourselves as a true partner, not just another vendor, and these results speak to that."

Plus has also kept its focus on innovation, which is reflected in the high marks for technology. The company’s suite of Elo solutions have previously been recognized by The Forum for Expatriate Management for being the most innovative use of technology in global mobility. Plus and its innovation lab, Plus One, have continued to innovate with Point C, which is changing the way mobility teams manage their programs through a credit-based approach that eliminates exceptions and truly empowers relocating employees.

The results continue a run of success for Plus in the Trippel ratings. Last year, Plus led the industry in quality of people and service delivery, local supplier management, and technology. In 2020, Plus was recognized as the most trusted RMC in the 19th annual domestic Relocation Managers’ Survey. Relocating employees feel the love, too — Plus led the industry in net satisfaction in Trippel’s 2019 Nationwide Relocating Employee Survey.

"’Delivering delight’ is our mission for a reason," Benevides said. "It’s really a part of our DNA, and we want our clients and their relocating employees to always feel delighted."

The latest Trippel survey included feedback from more than 150 corporate mobility managers who handle thousands of international relocations and assignments every year.

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