Soake Pools to Showcase Plunge Pool Offerings and New Garden Tub at Hardscape North America Trade Show

Pioneers of Precast, Pre-Tile Plunge Pools in North America to Spotlight Full Portfolio of Plunge Pool Offerings, First-Ever Garden Tub, New Tile Offerings, and a Guide to Cold Plunges

PEMBROKE, N.H., Oct. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Soake Pools, renowned New England-based plunge pool manufacturers, is excited to showcase their impressive portfolio in a dedicated booth at this year’s Hardscape North America trade show. Included in the booth, Soake Pools will present the beloved 13′ x 7′, 10′ x 6′, and 8’9″ x 5′, and 7′ x 7′ formats. Additionally, the booth will include information about the newest addition to their portfolio: a highly-detailed, one-of-a-kind standing tub, known as the Garden Tub. A full range of tiling options with partners DalTile, custom mosaics with partners Artaic, and brand-new tiling options will all be on display. Additionally, Soake Pools will present information and specifications for their upcoming January launch: a concrete-cased, fully-tiled plunge pool specifically designed for cold plunges, the increasingly popular tool for wellness, health, and recovery.

With a focus on the latest trends, innovations, and thought leaders in the landscaping industries, Hardscape North America will bring together a community of design and construction-minded professionals to share tips, products, and inspire ideas across the industry. As the leaders in the plunge pool space, Soake Pools will share the time and space saving, environmental, aesthetic, and health benefits of opting for a plunge pool instead of a traditional pool, just to name a few. Soake Pools’ invaluable insight into the pool industry and their revolutionary products that mitigate the headaches associated with traditional pools will provide the attendees with a greater understanding of an alternative product to offer their clients moving forward.

On October 18, 19, and 20, Soake Pools’ cofounder, Karen Larson, will be manning the booth to offer hardscape professionals a well-rounded look at the company’s latest offerings. In addition, national sales consultant, Kristen Stone, will assist in presenting Soake Pools’ offerings to the trade show attendees. The Soake Pools team will be located at booth 24058.

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About Soake Pools: Karen and Brian Larson, Co-Founders of Soake® Pools, created the company from the ground up in 2014, deeming them the first company to offer precast plunge pools for the home in North America. Soake® Pools are revolutionary, space-saving pools that combine the best of a pool and a hot tub, and provide year-round enjoyment. Each Soake® Pools plunge pool is made in New England using state-of-the-art materials, customizable, and delivered pre-built and ready to install. Today, the Soake Pools team is constantly revolutionizing the industry, offering a steady stream of new dimensions, unparalleled luxury finishes, and a litany of safety, aesthetic, and user-friendly functionalities. Soake Pools are designed to be enjoyed year-round, equipped with the adjustability for a hot dip in the winter and a cold, refreshing plunge in the summer. The plunge pools can even provide athletic training with their resistance systems. Some additional benefits include accessibility in both size and pricing, sustainability in terms of the saltwater contents, lower water usage, and variable speed pumps. Soake Pools offer countless physical and mental wellness benefits year-round, and undoubtedly increase home value.

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