Smart Tool Estimates Dollars Lost by Not Managing Sustainably

PITTSBURGH, Aug. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, 10 years after its original launch,, a sustainability measurement and communications platform, relaunched as The new platform adds a host of intelligent new features, including a Loss Recovery Calculator that allows clients to easily estimate the financial value of implementing various sustainability programs.

The platform provides locations across North America to identify over 130 sustainability practices, initiate them organization-wide, and communicate the best practices in sustainability to its employees and customers.

Key to the success of the platform has been its simplicity. No item is more than 15 words, and every item can be answered by simply checking Yes, No, or Wish List – meaning you intend to implement that particular practice sometime in the future.

For information about the genesis and history of GreenRated, see this backgrounder.

Many additional tools have been fully integrated into the core product, including:

  • A proprietary Loss Recovery Calculator that can easily estimate annual savings of $1.00$2.00 per square foot per location if certain sustainability practices are implemented. Again, key to the success of this is simplicity – only a handful of readily-known inputs are required to get these estimates.
  • A Breakeven Analysis Calculator that allows clients to easily calculate time-to-breakeven and annual savings of various initiatives.
  • Window stickers for promoting your sustainability initiatives internally and to the general public, with QR codes that point to a search-engine-optimized web page listing all the actions you are taking.
  • Ability to generate a custom poster for both the client lobby and employee lunchroom.
  • A Wish List Manager to track, with auto-reminders, sustainability initiatives you’ve committed to execute.
  • Year-to-Year Changes report.
  • The ability for management to customize the size of the checklist.
  • Six online Marketing Support tools to better communicate your initiatives.
  • The ability to manage communications with the entire organization.

The company’s 10-minute How It Works video and training aid details all the features for those considering using the platform.

For a limited time, purchasers of the GreenRated platform can also get the Covid return-to-work platform at 50%-to-70% off. Both come with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.

Joe Blattner, CEO
(833) 468-7674

SOURCE GreenRated L.P.

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