Smart Capital Center: Leveling the Playing Field for Non-Institutional Real Estate Investors with Ultra-Fast AI-Powered Investment Analysis and Capital

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SpaceQuant, an industry-leading commercial real estate underwriting and transaction management platform that helps real estate juggernauts such as JLL, KeyBank, and Pacific Life Insurance analyze thousands of properties monthly, is announcing the launch of Smart Capital Center – a property intelligence platform empowering small real estate investors with institutional-grade insight, unbiased investment analysis, and capital. 

Currently, non-institutional investors are at a major disadvantage. They often don’t have access to market data, resources, and capital that larger institutional players have – creating a major gap. 

“Limited access to data and capital is not only harmful to small property investors, but to the overall US economy as well. 80% of commercial real estate in the US is valued at under five million dollars. Most of such small-balance real estate is owned by non-institutional investors and small business owners. Losses in real estate undermine many small businesses – the foundation of the US economy,” Laura Krashakova, SpaceQuant CEO, shared. 

Smart Capital addresses this issue head-on by providing non-institutional investors access to real-time unbiased property valuations and market insight, transaction management, and capital, which enables investors to increase their returns and drive portfolio growth.

In addition to traditional data (e.g., demographics and business activity), Smart Capital also aggregates alternative market data (such as location popularity based on social media data, foot traffic based on cell phone data, quality of public transit, etc.) to provide investors with a comprehensive analysis of any property and its location. Furthermore, Smart Capital provides access to millions of sales comparables and interactive tools to manipulate data, allowing investors to better evaluate investment opportunities and risk.

Additionally, investors can request an ultra-fast institutional-grade property investment analysis. By leveraging its proprietary automation software, Smart Capital Center can analyze financial documents, including rent rolls and property financials, and create an institutional-grade investment analysis within minutes. The property analysis is delivered via dynamic and interactive web interfaces, enabling investors to drill down and manipulate data to gain a comprehensive understanding of the investment opportunity.

Nitti Kaur, a real estate investor based in Los Angeles, wanted to ensure that she was getting a fair deal for a multifamily acquisition opportunity. She reached out to Smart Capital for an independent investment analysis and financing. 

Speed and accuracy were crucial for her deal. In under 24 hours, Smart Capital provided Nitti with a detailed interactive property investment analysis – visualized via charts, maps, and smart spreadsheets. 

“Smart Capital Center helped me evaluate the investment much faster than I otherwise could. I was better equipped with data and was able to make my decision on the deal much faster and with higher confidence. I literally had all information at my fingertips,” Nitti shared. 

With the current market conditions, experts predict an even greater opportunity to buy over the next year than in 2008, as high mortgage rates, inflation, and COVID impact weight on real estate cash flows and drive away many prospective buyers. 

“Ability to analyze investments quickly and get timely financing is a game-changer and especially critical in today’s dislocated market. Similar to 2008, as real estate values decline, this could be the best time for real estate buyers. Smart Capital helps investors take advantage of today’s market and capitalize on potentially once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunities that this downturn brings,” Laura explained.

Smart Capital Center, the world’s first real-time valuation and mortgage platform, empowers real estate investors with institutional-grade insight, unbiased, affordable investment analysis, and capital to enable smart investment decisions and fast dealmaking.

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