simpliHŌM Announces Expansion to Florida

SARASOTA, Fla., Nov. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tennessee-based real estate company simpliHŌM today announced their expansion to Florida, offering a people-first virtual platform that will enable realtors to partner with them on a statewide level.

“We have been preparing for new markets to expand beyond Tennessee for over 2 years by integrating advanced technology and building upon our foundation of services offered to agent partners,” said founder and CEO of simpliHŌM, Sean Miku.

simpliHŌM’s Florida branch is based in the greater Sarasota area. Their statewide operations are managed by broker Nicholas Rapisardi, who has over 10 years of experience in the industry. “I’m excited for this opportunity and what simpliHŌM will bring to the Florida market,” said Rapisardi. “simpliHŌM will not only benefit agents, but will have a positive impact on clients and the community as well.”

While sustained by innovation and cutting-edge industry tech, simpliHŌM’s core pillar of “Making Real Estate Simple,” imbues a dedication to excellent service that permeates every aspect of their business – from full transaction management services to hands-on agent training.

“It’s incredibly exciting that we’re at the point now where our digital platform is robust enough to support the large, high-producing teams and agents that operate within Florida’s thriving real estate environment,” Miku added.

Effective immediately, simpliHŌM is offering their services to Florida realtors and their clients. You can learn more by visiting

About simpliHŌM

Founded in 2018 with the belief that all people should be put first, and the real estate process should be simplified, simpliHŌM is working hard each day to truly Make Real Estate Simple for their clients and agents.

In a world where connection, and loneliness, are at their highest rates in history, simpliHŌM desires to bring the relationship to the focal point, and leverage technology for ultimate transparency through the process. From exclusive access to the details of a transaction, to full contract-to-close services for free to their agents on every transaction, simpliHŌM does everything with a People First approach. For more information about simpliHŌM, visit

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