Shocking Statistics Indicate Electricians are Projected to Lead the Entire Nation in Work Shortage

SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Everyone knows there is currently a shortage of tradesmen, however not all industries are experiencing a shortage in the same way. Overall demand for electricians is on the rise, however retaining electricians seems to be the root of the current and projected shortage.

California has the leading number of electricians in a state with the highest average wages. So why are they experiencing a shortage?

States with the highest employment level in electricians:


Number of Electricians

Average Hourly wage

Average Annual wage 



$ 36.49

$ 75,900



$ 24.69

$ 51,350

Continuing education for retention
Continuing education credits are required and can be obtained at Construction industry employers should also consider training employees with a path toward a goal they value, moving from apprentice to master electrician is one common goal shared in the electrical industry.

Steve Cona III, president and CEO of the Associated Builders and Contractors, states: "In this day and age in this economy, you have to invest in training your workforce. There are no unemployed electricians and plumbers sitting on the sideline," said Cona. "You have to build your pipeline by investing in people who might not necessarily have the skills that you need at that time. Invest in your employees, train them, put them in apprenticeship programs and maintain it through their lifecycle as an employee."

Even though California has one of the highest unemployment rates, electrician positions have thousands of job vacancies. When California has experienced worker shortages in the past, they relied on population influx from other states. Due to the current state of affairs, California loses more people to other states than it gains. The California Department of Industrial Relations are doing their best to provide programs to train and retain the next generation of electricians in the state of California.

Managing the electrician shortage in California.

The shortage of electricians is not being filled in the near future. Here are some steps you can take to manage the impact of the shortage:

  1. Seek new employees through high school and community college.
  2. Work with trade schools and continuing education Providers such as
  3. Use an agency designated to find electricians and skilled labor workers.
  4. Increase output with strategic planning.
  5. Create incentives to keep your electricians loyal to your company and the trade.

Taking these steps can help ensure you have a happy functioning work environment, where your electricians love the career, they are in. 

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