Rooster® Unveils Asset Tracking System; Automated Equipment Activity Reporting For $1/Mo.

New ConTech toolset captures equipment inventory, activity and location data, without long-term contracts.

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Rooster LLC, a Kansas-based Construction Technology (ConTech) company today launched the Rooster® Asset Tracking System, the world’s first equipment management tool that captures every minute of powered, unpowered and heavy equipment activity and automates reporting for as little as $1.00* per month. It is purpose built to provide visibility, accountability, and efficiency for anything, from small powered or unpowered tools to heavy equipment and yellow iron.  Simple, scalable, durable and automatic.

The construction technology market is cluttered with options for fleet tracking, safety, and labor management, and yet, despite a tight labor environment, construction workers still waste valuable time searching for, and manually accounting for, equipment. In fact, publisher estimates that as much as “90 minutes per worker per day is spent looking for stuff.” Rooster developed its state-of-the-art toolset to track equipment and report activity so that humans don’t have to.

“As our equipment inventory grew, I needed a tool that would cost-effectively tell me, simply, what I owned, where it was, and when it was being used,” said Dustin M. Gary, a 22-year construction industry veteran and CEO of DM Gary Holding Company, Rooster LLC’s parent company. “I found expensive, complicated, and hard-to-deploy options that didn’t work for my growing business. I could use certain parts of one or the other, but nothing truly solved my need. That’s when we decided to build Rooster.”

The innovative Rooster Asset Tracking System consists of Rooster Hubs and Rooster Activity Trackers. Rooster Hubs are robust data portals that connect to the Cloud through an LTE-M cellular connection to deliver highly accurate GPS location and activity data. Rooster Activity Trackers are small, rugged devices that, once installed to any piece of equipment, capture activity on a minute-by-minute basis, for up to 5 years, and relay that data to the nearest Rooster Hub.

Unique to Rooster is:

  • Activity Tracker data transmits through most concrete and metal to any Rooster Hub within ½ mile using a long-range, low-power pairing protocol based on the LoRa® communications standard and protected by more than a dozen patents issued and pending.
  • Monthly subscription is $1 (USD) per month for each activated Activity Tracker, and $10 (USD) per month for each activated Hub, with no long-term contract.
  • The ability to instantly activate and deactivate any Hub or Activity Tracker, to control billing at will, using Near-Field Communications (NFC) scanning capability found on mobile phones. This allows equipment managers to activate and install Rooster devices on equipment when in the yard for maintenance, or, when new equipment is added to the inventory.
  • While Rooster engineered its system using state-of-the-art technology, hardware pricing is on-par with other solutions. Advanced features:
    • Market-leading Activity Tracker battery life of up to 5 years.
    • Rooster’s innovative shake-and-wake design, featuring a “sleep mode” which reduces data and conserves battery power.
    • Tracker Heartbeat. When infrequently used, Activity Trackers send a “heartbeat” to the System.

“Our crews readily complete timesheets for time on the job, but getting accurate equipment use is nearly impossible,” said Doran Schwartz, CFO of DM Gary Holding Company. “With Rooster we can see and manage our assets more effectively; export succinct, reliable reports that back-up our time and materials billing; and optimize ROI for our equipment. It all goes straight to the bottom line,” he added.

Rooster offers an introductory “Asset Tracking Starter Kit,” which includes a Rooster Hub and its AC and Flying Lead power adapters, four Rooster Activity Trackers and a set of four mounting options. With a self-service, order-on-demand sales model, customers only pay for activated devices managed through the free Rooster Mobile App, which is available on Google® Play and Apple® App Store. Expanded Rooster System packs, bulk pricing and a variety of accessories are available on Rooster offers, help videos, live customer support and referral to deployment partners by calling 844-4ROOSTR (476-6787).

* Rooster Activity Tracker subscription is $1.00 (USD) per month. Rooster Hub subscription is $10.00 (USD) per month. Cost of equipment varies, visit for more details.

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