ReImage AI Inc. Expands Its Offering: “Remodel AI” Now Available as a Web App

MINDEN, Nev., Nov. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Building upon the success of their revolutionary mobile application, Remodel AI, ReImage AI Inc., the frontrunner in the intersection of artificial intelligence and home renovation, proudly announces the launch of Remodel AI as a web app. This strategic move is aimed at enhancing accessibility and providing users with an even more versatile platform to reimagine their home spaces.

The new web app retains all the beloved features of the mobile application. Users can now access the power of Remodel AI directly from their desktops and laptops, enjoying a broader screen view and perhaps a more detailed planning process. From visualizing immediate room transformations to exploring a myriad of design styles, the web application promises a seamless and immersive experience.

Dirk Morris, CEO and Founder of ReImage AI Inc., commented on the expansion: “The introduction of Remodel AI as a web app is a testament to our commitment to innovation and meeting our users where they are. The versatility of a web platform means that homeowners, architects, and designers can now collaborate in real-time, taking the home renovation experience to unprecedented heights.”

Web App Highlights:

  1. Enhanced Accessibility: Users can now access Remodel AI from any device with internet connectivity and a web browser.
  2. Collaborative Tools: Enhanced features allow for real-time collaboration between homeowners and professionals.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: Just like its mobile counterpart, the web app is designed for users of all tech-savviness levels.

Both the mobile and web versions of Remodel AI are continuously updated to offer the latest in design trends and AI capabilities. Dive into the transformative world of home renovation by visiting the official web application at

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About ReImage AI Inc.

With a relentless passion for innovation, ReImage AI Inc. continues to lead the way in merging technology with home renovation. By expanding its reach through a web app, the company further cements its position as a pioneer in the field, making home renovation an enjoyable and hassle-free process for countless homeowners and professionals worldwide.