RECTANGLO.COM VILLA and CASA Furniture: We Offer a Domestic Alternative to Flimsy, Unsafe Global Commodity Furniture

AUSTIN, Texas, July 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — RECTANGLO.COM now designs and builds to order the sturdiest tables, benches, and chairs domestically in Austin and will be appearing at the Austin Home and Garden Show August 13-15, 2021.

RECTANGLO VILLA is our premium outdoor model in galvanized steel with a plant-based oiled wood finish. VILLA table legs can support 100 tons* to provide rugged stability with an open-span design for unencumbered comfort and utility. VILLA bench legs support 40 tons, while VILLA chair legs support 20 tons, giving you unmatched safety and stability.

*100 tons is the weight of 50 autos

For indoor or covered spaces, natural wood lovers choose RECTANGLO CASA. With stunning natural oiled wood, RECTANGLO CASA offers a buttery smooth finish that is plant-based and safe for all ages. RECTANGLO CASA is our patent-pending ultra-strong solid aluminum frame design made with digital CNC precision. RECTANGLO CASA pieces come in solid wood legs or laminated wood legs.

All RECTANGLO.COM tables and benches have gorgeous oiled wood slabs with hidden internal reinforcement, yet without any load-bearing fasteners. Sizes from 15-96 inches.

Experience ageless perfection to last for generations at RECTANGLO.COM

About proudly designs, fabricates, and assembles VILLA and CASA tables, benches, chairs in Austin, Texas, USA.

Gaurav Goel