RealNex NavigatorPRO ™ Adds Comprehensive Data to Further Enhance Complete End-to-End Solution

Proprietary Tools Automate Lead Generation, Streamline Underwriting and Marketing

STAFFORD, Texas, Jan. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — RealNex, a commercial real estate technology company, announced today it has added RX Data, nationwide data for land and buildings, ownership, debt, tenants and transaction histories. The robust dataset will now be available to populate RealNex Navigator for most efficient prospecting and business development. RX Data can be accessed at the local or national levels segmented by property type and size. RX Data, combined with an optimized system configuration will be offered as RealNex NavigatorPRO™.

“This new data service makes the RealNex offering even more compelling. Our clients have been clamoring for this type of information so that they can instantly make the most of their RealNex solution. By adding the comprehensive data set to their Navigator and serving up leads, clients can spend their time more productively…making deals,” noted RealNex Chairman Mark Kingston.

RealNex provides a complete commercial real estate operating system. Driven from a robust commercial real estate centric CRM, agents maintain all their property, market and client information to generate business and manage deals. The Transaction Manager App and virtual deal rooms enable collaborative, online tenant rep, leasing and investment sales services. They can also readily leverage their data to create authoritative financial analyses and elegant marketing collateral, while promoting offerings to a dynamic, rapidly expanding marketplace. RX Data seamlessly flows through the complete RealNex offering to drive efficient processes to find, win and execute transactions.

As part of the RX Data service, RealNex has added a capability to help clients scrub and maintain their existing data as well as import data from a host of third-party services, linking common ownership, eliminating duplicates, standardizing addresses, normalizing naming conventions and even geocoding. Data is then put to effective use within the new custom configuration of RealNex NavigatorPRO™ which includes industry “Best Practices” for prospecting and business development, as well as Predictive Analytics for targeted lead generation.

“As part of our research algorithm we have been able to identify the most likely active sellers, buyers and tenants in the market. This is extremely valuable information saving our clients vast amounts of time and money,” Kingston continued, “By combining this data with our targeted marketing capabilities, clients are able to list and sell more efficiently than ever.”

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