RealNex Accelerates into 2022: Another Major Product Release and Continued Client Expansion

With a host of New Features and Functions, Leading PropTech Firm lands contracts with KW Commercial and eXp Commercial

STAFFORD, Texas, June 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — RealNex, a commercial real estate technology company, today announced a major release to its flagship RealNex Navigator platform. RealNex Navigator is a complete commercial real estate operating system, featuring CRM, Financial Analysis, Presentations, Marketing, Reporting and Transaction Management. With the release, the company also announced the successful deployment and implementation across the KW Commercial platform and the newly signed agreement to deliver its solution set to eXp Commercial as well as commercial agents at eXp Realty.

"This is a massive new release, complete with scores of updates and enhancements that our rapidly growing user community has requested. Our eco-system has more than doubled over the past year and with that the new ideas and recommendations for new features has grown exponentially. We are doing our best to keep up with all the great ideas from our discerning clients and I am confident they are going to love this latest generation of RealNex," noted Jeffrey Finn, CEO.

Core to the new update is the fully cloud based CRM, which completely breaks ties with the legacy desktop solution to enable dramatic enhancements. While all new deployments will be based on the new CRM cloud foundation, existing users will be systematically migrated to the new framework over the coming months. Within the new system, users will enjoy a host of powerful new tools and capabilities including enhanced filters, mapping, navigation email synch and enhanced system performance.

While CRM launched the new cloud framework, an amazing array of new advances were also added to MarketEdge. Among them is the addition of Custom Global Pages, the ability for user to create their own Cover Pages and the flexibility to add multiple interior page designs

Within RealNex MarketPlace the company has also added a greater degree of flexibility and display options for its MPDirect hosted listing engine. The new capability improves SEO and keeps the browser within the client website without having to open a new pop-up display. Clients can also modify the display with a configurable menu, optionally choosing to display prices, property types and availability. Listing displays have been increased to 500 properties at a time, while users can now modify map background color and determine whether or not to include an Agent Directory.

If all of the software improvements were not enough, RealNex now offers foundational data and data services to seed CRM. Billed as RealNex Pro™, the data package includes parcel and base building information, the two most recent sales, ownership, loan profiles including lender, loan amount and maturity date as well as tenant rosters.

"The Team has done an amazing job. Not only is our solution the most complete and best in class commercial real estate operating system, our time-to-value is virtually immediate, and our client success satisfaction rating is solidly above 95%. We pride ourselves in delivering incredible software at an unbeatable price while providing an unparalleled level of service," according to Mark Kingston, Executive Chairman.

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