Real Estate Phenomenon: Ben Caballero Sets New $3 Billion Home Sales Record

America’s No. 1 ranked agent sets unprecedented sales volume, selling over 6,000 homes

DALLAS, April 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ben Caballero, the No. 1-ranked real estate agent in the U.S. since 2013 by RealTrends and a three-time Guinness World Record title holder, has set another extraordinary milestone. In 2022, Caballero individually sold an unprecedented $3 billion in home sales.

As the CEO and Founder of, Caballero is a new home sales expert who works directly with 60-plus builders in Houston, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Austin, and San Antonio. He is the current Guinness Worlds Record title holder for “Most annual home sales transactions through MLS by an individual sell side real estate agent – current.”  

Caballero’s journey to this extraordinary achievement began in 2015 when he became the first real estate agent to exceed $1 billion in total home sales. He then went on to break the $2 billion mark in a single year, not once but three times in 2018, 2019, and 2020. With his 2022 sale volume of $3,060,878,784 billion, Caballero raises the bar again and continues to hold the record for the highest annual home sales by an individual agent.

Ben Caballero first earned the Guinness World Record holder title for 2016 with 3,556 verified home sales. He set a new record in 2018 with 5,801 home sales and again in 2020 with 6,438 home sales, amounting to more than $2.46 billion in sales volume. In 2022, his total homes sales included 6178 transaction sides.

Reflecting on his extraordinary accomplishment, Caballero said, “If you had told me I would break the $3 billion sales barrier at the beginning of last year, I would not have believed you. Until mid-spring, 2022 started very slowly because builders were selling homes from a waiting list so fast that many new homes were sold before they could be listed on the MLS.”

But Caballero said higher priced homes combined with a market shift caused new home sales to accelerate throughout the markets he serves in Texas. “The best new home market in the U.S. is Texas and continues to be Texas. So, becoming a Texan is arguably the best business decision I ever made,” he added.

Recognized as the world’s most productive real estate agent, Caballero has sold more homes than any other individual or team annually since 2016, as reported by leading industry research. From 2004 to 2022, he amassed over 54,000 home sales, totaling more than $20 billion in volume.

Caballero’s new record translates to an astonishing $8.39 million worth of home sales per day. He averages nearly 17 home sales every single day of the year.

Caballero, an innovative trailblazer in the industry, developed’s proprietary SaaS listings management and marketing platform to optimize efficiency for his production builder clients. He attributes his record-setting production to this cutting-edge technology and is preparing to launch a new API-driven single-entry platform for production builders soon.

Caballero became a broker at 21 and was a builder for 18 years and. He launched his SaaS and cloud-based platform in 2007. Builders interested in learning about Caballero’s services can contact directly at (800) 856-2132 x300 or email

Guinness World Record Title (from the GWR website)
“The most annual home sale transactions through MLS by an individual sell side real estate agent – current is 6,438 and was achieved by Ben Caballero (USA) in Dallas, Texas, USA, from 1 January-31 December 2020. Ben broke this record over the entire 2020 calendar year.”
(A “sell side real estate agent” is the listing agent.)

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Ben Caballero, founder and CEO of, is a three-time Guinness World Record title holder for ‘Most annual home sale transactions through MLS by an individual sell-side real estate agent – current.’ Ranked by REAL Trends as America’s top real estate agent for home sales since 2013, Ben is the most productive real estate agent in U.S. history. He is the only agent to exceed $1 billion in residential sales transactions in a single year, a feat first achieved in 2015, then breaking the $2 billion mark in a single year, not once but three times in 2018, 2019, and 2020. Ben, an award-winning innovator and technology pioneer, works with more than 60 home builders in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. His podcast series is available on iTunes and Google Podcasts. Learn more at |Twitter: @bcaballero – @HomesUSA | Facebook: /HomesUSAdotcom.

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