Real Estate Mentor Delivers Agent Friendly Technology

DALLAS, March 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Real Estate Mentor, an innovator in real estate agent technology, has emerged as a David to big corporate real estates’ Goliath. With the launch of its mobile application by the same name in late January 2021, Real Estate Mentor has moved one step closer to becoming a major player in the world of real estate friendly tools and technology. Inventor and Real Estate Broker Debbie Remington believes that the time has come for technology to become leverage for real estate professionals. “Over the past ten years we have seen big box brokerages controlling much of the agent technology and leveraging that same tech in order to recruit and retain agents.” The complexity of many of those platforms is an ongoing issue for much of the industry. In an industry where the median agent age is 54 years old, it seems unlikely that complicated technology platforms were intended to be used as leverage for the agents themselves. In fact, in recent years many brokerages have continued to use that same complexity to their advantage by making it difficult for agents to remove their own databases and client lists. Real Estate Mentor intends to loosen that stranglehold on the industry’s top real estate professionals.

According to the Association of Real Estate License Law (ARRELLO), there are two million licensed real estate agents in the United States. With nearly 87% of real estate agents expected to fail within their first five years. The fact that 13 percent of agents from more than 106,548 brokerages are expected to succeed is, a problem. Obviously, a lack of useful, agent centered technology hasn’t helped those numbers and needs to be addressed by the industry as a whole.     

What is the Real Estate Mentor Mobile App?

First and foremost, Real Estate Mentor is a great CRM for real estate agents. Designed to be used as a mobile application, it links directly with the contacts in the user’s mobile device. Once linked, the user can easily take advantage of an array of carefully designed task management tools. Such as, the Contact Log and Pipeline Tracker that allows users to schedule follow-up reminders and deadline alarms via push notifications. Armed with the knowledge that real estate agents grow weary of the continuous need to update most conventional CRMs, Real Estate Mentor eliminates that step. Simplicity is the key and the fewer hoops for agents the better.

Stop Door Knocking and Cold Calling!

The team at Real Estate Mentor understands that lead generation activities should be the focus of every agent. Which is why Network Engagement is such an important part of Real Estate Mentor. Network Engagement is the bridge between lead generation and sphere of influence. In 2021 agents who continue to door knock and cold call are missing a primary source of business and referrals. For additional information on Network Engagement visit:  

Real Estate Mentor the Company

Real Estate Mentor is a company created and staffed by successful real estate agents. As agents, their team has a unique understanding of the struggles and challenges faced by aspiring entrepreneurs every single day. It’s that unique perspective that guides the direction of the technology they create. Their primary focus is on providing easy to navigate, affordable, technology that makes the job of being a real estate agent just a little bit easier. Their goal is to make those same agent friendly tools and technology available to every real estate agent. Because, real estate is complicated enough.


Debbie Remington
Real Estate Mentor

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