Real Estate is HOT, Fundraising is NOT – Book Release

SARASOTA, Fla., June 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The latest release from The REAL Agents of Change, Real Estate is HOT, Fundraising is NOT, by author Cami C.E. Baker, is bringing a new light to the subject of change and charity within the real estate market. The book is focused on helping those who are interested in making a difference through the real estate route find a better way to fund their initiatives

This book goes through the five keys to revolutionize how charities and other organizations are able to fund their initiatives through the power of "Charitable Gifts of Real Estate." This process has been around for decades, although, it has been underutilized until Ms. Baker was able to distill the concepts through a filter of intensive real estate and nonprofit experience — a process which gave life to the Real Estate is HOT, Fundraising is NOT launched on June 16th.

With a vast understanding of the subject and more than two and a half years of engagement with experts in these fields, Ms. Baker has been a visionary speaker in the world who strategizes on how to use real estate as a form of leverage for change in the world by supporting charities and other nonprofit organizations.

This book, Real Estate is HOT, Fundraising is NOT, is bringing the right information and teaching to nonprofit organizations, charitable endeavors, and philanthropic individuals how to generate billions in funding to make the necessary changes in the communities that need it, as well as the causes that seek to make the world a better place. There’s a big possibility that, with the help of Ms. Baker’s teaching through this amazing book, that there will be a shift for the better in the nonprofit world in the coming years.

While the real estate route is discussed in this book to have a major impact on charity, that’s not the only thing that’s making waves in the nonprofit world. As a way to celebrate and kickstart the launch of the Real Estate is HOT, Fundraising is NOT book, the nonprofit organization "The Haven," located in Sarasota, hosted an official book launch. This outstanding South West Florida nonprofit, which is featured in the book, was able to organize this event and 50% of the proceeds from books sold at the event were donated to "The Haven."

Ms. Baker is traveling across the country in her RV known as "The Hammer," spreading the word and telling people of all walks of life about this incredible concept that can benefit everyone involved. While her focus lies in Florida at the moment, she is working hard to reach as many people as possible. She is creating C.E. courses for Realtors® regarding "Charitable Real Estate" and has a national "Certified Charitable Real Estate Specialist C.C.R.E.S." that’s creating Charitable Real Estate Divisions "C.R.E.D.Able" in every state.

The REAL Agents of Change, known as "The RAOC" are looking to make a change in how charity is funded and in ways to help our communities and causes to make the world a better place. Join The RAOC Revolution by following their Facebook group and attending the "Charitable Real Estate Masterclass," a free in-depth lesson and teaching about how causes, careers, companies, and communities can "Make Money Making a Difference."

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Phone Number: 603-785-2598

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