Real Estate Investors Flee From High-Tax States to Seek Floridian Rate Advantages – Income Realty Advisors Releases Free Guide Outlining Profitable Tax Advantages

NAPLES, Fla., May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Income Realty Advisors (IRA) recently offered a new, comprehensive report detailing the tax advantages of purchasing Single Tenant, Net-Lease Properties with Credit Tenants (NNN) in the low-tax region of Florida. The NNN is a recession-busting investment option that allows investors to own properties typically leased for long periods of time – business offices, retail chain locations, etc. – that are demonstrably profitable investments. But in this current seller’s market, out-of-state buyers may have trouble competing for highly sought-after properties in premium, tax-advantage locations like Florida. Income Realty Advisors is a Florida-based brokerage firm that offers Exclusive Buyer’s brokerage services, helping developers find NNN sites throughout the Sunshine State.

"Although there is prime real estate in states like California, New York, and New Jersey, the tax rates at these locations make deals very unattractive for investors," said Patrick J. Moorton, President of Income Realty Advisors. "Floridian real estate has always been a solid investment for a wide variety of reasons, particularly as a prime vacation and retirement destination. But now, investors can defer tax on these property sales using a 1031 exchange, while trading for property in a state that has no personal state income tax. Relocating from high-tax states, qualified investors can easily increase their income significantly by reducing their State Personal Income Tax to zero."

Single-Tenant Net Least Investment Option

Investors can use NNN properties to reclaim control over portfolios that have swung wildly in value over the years. These types of investments minimize exposure to outside market factors and grant investors options and more stable income. NNN properties provide:

  • Control: Investors own the asset, able to make decisions, hold, or sell as they see fit.
  • A healthy cash flow that far exceeds other income options; far more ROI than tiny interest rates paid on CDs or other "safe" money markets.
  • Long term cash flows that last for five, 10, or even 25 years or more. Tenants who occupy these types of properties (like Walgreens, CVS, 7-Eleven, Chase Bank, Bank of America, etc.) often occupy the same location for many years.
  • Little to no hassle with simple lease agreements that take care of themselves. Since the parent companies paying the leases are often worth billions of dollars in annual sales and assets, lease agreements and payments are assured.
  • No property management issues or expenses: the renters are responsible for property upgrades. Renters also pay all property taxes, insurance, utilities, repairs, and many prefer to take care of all property maintenance as well.
  • Good credit terms for borrowing. Since tenants are often established companies, lenders are more inclined to offer attractive credit terms to NNN investors. Better terms mean better profits.
  • Investors with properties in high income tax states like California can sell their properties and use a 1031 exchange to replace those investments with properties in zero-income tax states like Florida.

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Income Realty Advisors is a Florida-based Commercial Real Estate Brokerage firm specializing in the sale of Single Tenant, Net-Leased Properties with Credit Tenants through a dedicated website. The firm also provides site selection services to real estate developers throughout Florida, with access to a high-quality pipeline of deals under construction or available for future delivery. Income Realty Advisors is a one-stop location for real estate investors seeking to expand their portfolios with high-quality, low-tax Floridian property.

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