Real Estate Investment Company We Buy California Houses for Cash Sees Sharp Rise in Probate Property Sales

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Despite the pandemic, the California real estate market remains alive and well. Leading real estate investment company We Buy California Houses for Cash have made it their business to help make the sales process quick, convenient and fair. Despite these unusual times, they’ve built a solid reputation with sellers over time. Homeowners have come to know them for their trustworthiness, often opting to sell to We Buy California Houses for Cash instead of pursuing the traditional sales process.  

However, they have recently noticed a trend. Of late, probate properties have become a growing source of business for the We Buy California Houses for Cash team. 2019 saw a total of 33,272  probate cases filed in the Superior Courts. With so much disruption to court proceedings in 2020, and The Superior Court of California’s probate court remaining closed to the public, the 2019 stats still indicate what a big role probate houses play on the property market. It is also telling that the 2020 stats are not even available yet.

According to Matt Stark, owner, these properties present fantastic opportunities for real estate investment companies like We Buy California Houses for Cash.

“Although probate properties may take a while to acquire, and can require a lot of work, they present us with an opportunity to truly make a difference in Californian neighborhoods. They are worth the wait! Once we’ve acquired one of these houses, we ensure it is properly renovated. Many sellers have emotional attachment to these homes and want to see them go to the next young family and to have a new life. The estate can be wrapped up, because the house has been sold with ease. Probate homes are perfect candidates to create something beautiful. Something buyers are looking for,” said Stark.

The pandemic has brought a surge in probate homes. If you would like to avoid probate, please consider a will and/or a trust. We Buy California Houses for Cash can refer you to a proper attorney. It is wise to ensure that your assets are protected. They buy houses in probate, but probate is something they also recommend you avoid by taking action before a home gets to that situation.

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