Plentific – U.K. and Germany’s Fastest-Growing Prop-Tech Company – Enters U.S. With Integrated Real-Time Property Operations Platform

Proven in U.K. and Germany with Over One Million Units on Board, Plentific’s End-to-End Property Solution Speeds Renovations, Turns, and Tenant Satisfaction, Driving Increased Net Operating Income for Owners 

NEW YORK, June 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Plentific – the robust, fully integrated, real-time property operations system helping owners across the U.K. and Germany streamline repairs while reducing apartment turnover times – is launching its innovative platform in America this week. Plentific offers property owners and managers a real-time, one-stop solution to execute every aspect of multifamily property operations – including tracking, executing, inspecting, and invoicing for all repairs and upgrades. Plentific is already integrated with leading American industry software including Yardi and is now implementing its efficient tool with its first U.S. customers.

Named “Fastest-Growing Prop-Tech Company” in the U.K. and Germany in 2023 by Financial Times, Plentific has been adopted by top property owners and managers including Knight Frank, Corigin, Charney and Murray. The company has more than one million units of multifamily housing on its platform in the U.K. and Germany. U.K. landlords using the platform have reported a 54 percent reduction in turn time maintenance and a 3.5 percent per annum increase in rental income.

Eliminating compatibility issues that exist with many other property management options, Plentific integrates with existing property management technology platforms to manage everything from work orders and inspections through invoicing and tenant communications. Its unique marketplace offers a robust selection of plumbers, electricians and other service contractors vetted by Plentific and available for owners to utilize to expand their supply chains. The easy-to-use, fully customizable dashboard allows users to make real time decisions, simplifying the process of hiring and paying contractors for repairs, completing inspections, and resolving issues that arise. Results include happier tenants, faster turn times, and increased net operating income (NOI).

“Plentific’s connected platform helps property managers to simultaneously address the three biggest challenges in real-estate: improving net operating income, perfecting customer experiences, and adhering to regulatory and governance requirements,” said Plentific Co-founder and CEO Cem Savas. “Our real-time solutions demonstrably reduce apartment turn times for multifamily clients, consequently improving NOI and CX while keeping decision makers informed with real-time data on KPIs.”

Early adopters of the game-changing technology include Income Property Specialists (IPS), a longtime San Francisco Bay area third-party property management company. Plentific is currently implementing its platform throughout the units IPS manages.

“Since I began in the property industry over 40 years ago, many technologies have emerged that have helped us operate more efficiently, increasing NOI for our clients,” said Robert Salwasser, President of IPS. “Yet, until now, we still had gaps in viewing and managing operations across our business. Plentific solves an industry-wide issue, and IPS is proud to be at the forefront of the sector’s technology transformation.”

The Plentific platform seamlessly integrates existing internal maintenance personnel and contractors with a marketplace of pre-qualified, local contractors that Plentific continuously maintains based on job satisfaction ratings. With just a few clicks, managers can bid a job out to new and existing contractors, compare quotes, and schedule jobs. Once jobs are completed, inspections, additional compliance needs and even invoicing is all integrated into a single platform.

Plentific solves one of the industry’s greatest challenges by shortening the gap between when a tenant vacates a unit and when a new tenant moves in. The fully integrated platform ensures no time or money is wasted by automating the process of bidding repair and clean-up jobs out, selecting and scheduling service contractors, conducting inspections, fulfilling compliance requirements, and processing payments.

About Plentific
Plentific is a real-time property operations platform that is fully integrated with existing applications and customizable to provide owners and property managers with a one-stop solution for all their property operational needs. The end-to-end solution seamlessly connects owners, operators, service providers, and tenants on a single platform, making operations simpler, faster, and more efficient. Plentific recently was awarded the Property Tech of the Year, Best Application of Tech – Public Sector, and the Tech Company of the Year awards from the Global Business Tech Awards.

By working with clients to streamline operations, unlock revenues, increase tenant satisfaction, and remain compliant, Plentific empowers clients with data-driven insights that drive action. With its growing network of 1 million+ properties and 20,000 service providers worldwide, Plentific is dedicated to building stronger communities where people can thrive.

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