planetRE Launches Aelo.Ai – First AI Driven Virtual Home Staging Platform

Fully Automated Mobile First platform targeted for MLSs, Agents and Builders offers stunning image transformations at lightning speed.

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — planetRE today announced Aelo.Ai, a fully automated AI driven virtual staging platform empowering agents, builders to allow buyers and prelisted sellers reimagine a variety of home interior or exterior space transformations; all in a matter of secs using uploaded or live photos.

Current market solutions are expensive, slow and low tech; often resorting to sending pictures abroad, using low-cost offshore manual labor. It takes days for each iteration with gross errors. Typically, it can cost agents between $150 to $200 per home for offshore services, with weeks of agonizing wait and reruns. new technology changes all of that, generating images instantly in seconds and costing cents. The tool has been developed using the most sophisticated computer vision and image processing algorithms to produce stunning results including image changes using natural language.

Pictures for most common living spaces, e.g., living, dining, kitchen, bedroom and even outdoor areas like backyard, patio can be used. The target styles offer diverse choices like modern, tropical, vintage etc. Tool can even display cross transforms, e.g., how a large unused dining area, or a spare bedroom inside a home be converted to a usable furnished office space.

Transformed pictures are generated in 256, 512 or higher resolutions with minimum 1 to max 12 possible images per click –  all in matter of seconds on a mobile phone. Each click generates more stunning and differentiated styles endlessly. Dashboard saves all the work. iOS and Android Apps are planned to be released soon. can be used standalone or with previously announced AI platform offering first real estate ChatGPT.

“This is a killer app for real estate agents” said Subrao Shenoy, CEO of planetRE. “Aelo,ai puts the ultimate AI mobile power and client control in hands of agents during open house or otherwise to reimagine homes with endless new possibilities instantly and close deals faster.”

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