Phoenix American and Announce Integration to Deliver Straight-Through Processing and Data Room Functionality for Alternative Investments

SAN RAFAEL, Calif., Sept. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Phoenix American, a leading transfer agent and fund administration provider for alternative investments and, a straight-through processing solution for alternative investments, have announced an integration to provide a seamless, fully digital subscription process utilizing enterprise-grade technology. The integration will enable advisors and investors to access, review and subscribe alternative investment products digitally using’s virtual data room and multi-party subscription execution workflow resulting in a complete and active investment record in the Phoenix American transfer agent system, STAR-XMS.


The integration between and Phoenix American’s back-office infrastructure is a key step in advancing the efficiency of the alternative investment industry, creating a streamlined investment experience. With, distributors have the ability to operationalize sales channels in a single system of record, whether direct to high net worth (HNW) investors or through independent broker-dealers (IBDs) and registered investment advisors (RIAs). Workflows initiated by a managing dealer and/or sponsor enable role-based access for multiple parties to conduct due diligence, sign selling agreements, invite advisors and/or investors, and execute subscriptions via e-signature or wet-ink. The entire process is evidenced with logging and reporting functionality for compliance management and record-keeping. Completed subscriptions with full documentation automatically become active investments in Phoenix American’s STAR-XMS transfer agent system, which then manages all investor services processes over the life of the investment.

" is laser focused on delivering straight-through processing capabilities to the alternatives industry. Connections with back-office and investor services infrastructure is key to achieving the most efficient and secure experience for all involved," said Aaron Pollak, Founder and CEO of " is the most comprehensive and configurable solution for transacting alternatives that are sold through intermediaries or direct to investors. The more our industry is served by a network of firms committed to a secure and comprehensive experience, like this integration with Phoenix American, the more seamlessly alternatives will transact across these networks for the benefit of the overall industry and especially for the protection of investors."

The manual subscription process has long been a time consuming frustration in the alternative investment industry. A significant problem is completed subscription documents that arrive at the transfer agent with errors or ‘not in good order’ (NIGO). Minimizing NIGOs by developing a purchase process that eliminates manual data input and paper documents has been a long-term goal for alternatives. The Phoenix American integration achieves this with a fully digital invitation, review, subscription, investment admit and investor services process that maximizes data security.

"Phoenix American is an innovator in the alternatives industry and welcomes the added efficiency of the integration," said Andrew Constantin, Chief Operations Officer at Phoenix American. "STAR-XMS is the most advanced investor services platform in alternatives. The more easily and efficiently new investor data can get into STAR, the better for sponsors, investors and all concerned."


The seamless transfer of data between front-end and back-end systems without manual intervention fundamentally changes the alternative investment experience. With Phoenix American integrated with, true front-to-back connectivity of pure data involving no paper will occur. Authentically connecting sponsors, investors, advisors, due diligence officers, compliance professionals and fund administration in an all-digital environment enhances transparency and addresses an operational friction that has rate-limited growth in the alternatives industry. Both Phoenix American and see the potential in this integration to grow the alternatives industry and create transformational change.

About Phoenix American:

Phoenix American provides full-service fund administration, fund accounting, transfer agent and investor services as well as sales and marketing reporting to fund sponsors in the alternative investment industry. The Phoenix American aircraft group provides managing agent and accounting services for asset-backed securitizations specializing in the commercial aviation leasing industry. The company was founded in 1972, has six offices worldwide and is headquartered in San Rafael, CA.


Founded in 2015, Services, LLC offers a technology platform solution is built to integrate data and meet the needs of alternative investment funds through straight-through processing to risk mitigation to sales management. The company’s cloud native solution allows clients to retain ownership of their data and increase their alternative investment offering capabilities eliminating data misuse and the limited shelf-life of more narrowly focused investment processing technologies. Through data integration partnerships, streamlines alternative investments further with a solution designed to grow with clients for the long term.

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