PermitUsNow Recognized as a Top 25 Contractor of the Year by SubContractors USA

HOUSTON, June 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — PermitUsNow, a building permitting expediting firm, is one of the winners of SubContractors USA Top 25 Contractors Award in 2021. As a go to building permitting resource for HEB and OTG | United Airlines, PermitUsNow was recognized for the firm’s commitment and excellent delivery of services in the construction industry.

The annual SubContractors USA (SubCUSA) Top 25 Contractors award is unique and coveted in the industry and is tailored to recognize diverse subcontractors that have worked exceptionally in business. This year’s annual awards luncheon was held at the Junior League in Houston, Texas on June 23, 2021; and Supplier Diversity Champions were also recognized.

"We are super excited to receive this prestigious award from SubCUSA this year.  It means a lot to our team members and sends a strong message to our clients that we’re working full out in permitting their projects and industry sees the positive impact we are making."  Moruf Jimoh, AAIA, Technical Manager, PermitUsNow

PermitUsNow also plays an important industry role providing permitting tips and insights to Architects, Contractors, Engineers and Project Owners through its blog and monthly column in SubContractors USA Newspaper. 

"This is a huge award for our team, and it reflects our firm’s commitment to save time and money for clients; and be innovative in navigating jurisdictions to pull permits fast. We are truly grateful for winning this award."  Helen Callier, President of PermitUsNow

Building permitting can be one of the most nerve-racking aspects of any construction project.  And when operating in a market with high cost of construction materials, post pandemic pressures, and stress in starting construction in a timely manner, PermitUsNow continues to lead in the industry.  With offices in Houston, Dallas, and Austin, PermitUsNow covers the state of Texas and nationally with a team of building code experts that are passionate about pulling permit fast plus removing the pain with building permits.

About Permit Us Now

Founded in September 2016, PermitUsNow is the go-to one-stop building permitting firm that helps Architects, Engineers and Contractors to save time and money plus start construction in a timely manner.  PermitUsNow covers over 400 jurisdictions in Texas and has a national presence.  PermitUsNow has offices in Houston, Dallas, and Austin, Texas.  PermitUsNow manages permitting from design phase to close out for commercial, institutional, and residential projects with a team of recognized experts.  PermitUsNow was also recently recognized by the Regional Hispanic Contractors Association with the LUNA Award in 2020.

Through its parent company, PermitUsNow is a certified minority and woman-owned business.  Clients of PermitUsNow include H-E-B, JOERIS, Burns and McDonnell, United Airlines, Planet Fitness, Brake Check, and CVS.

Learn more on PermitUsNow, LLC, visit or follow @permitusnow, on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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