PermitUsNow Opens Toll Free Line to Assist US Veteran Homeowners with Building Permits

HOUSTON, Nov. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — PermitUsNow, a construction industry recognized permit expediting firm serving residential and commercial clients across Texas and with a national presence, has opened its toll free line at 1.844.PERMIT.4 (1.844.737.6484) to assist US Veterans with any issues with building permits for remodeling, renovating and even repairing homes from recent hurricanes. The toll-free line is open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CST; and after-hours Veterans can request assistance at

The PermitUsNow team has received phone calls from US Veterans that were retired or disabled living on a fixed income struggling to find assistance with home repairs and asking if the work around their home needed a building permit. According to the US Census, there are roughly 1.4 million military veterans that live in Texas which is noted to be 6.8% of the state’s overall population. And for 18 million Veterans that live across the United States many may require assistance with their residences where building permits are needed.

"My Dad was a proud US Veteran and I appreciate the sacrifices that he and other US Veterans made so, it is truly an honor for my team and I to support and provide guidance on building permits to Veteran homeowners." Helen Callier, President of PermitUsNow

PermitUsNow knows that a little help with permitting can mean a lot to Veterans attempting to remodel, renovate or repair their homes. As an example, sharing tips such as most rural areas do not require a building permit and to be mindful of still building to code for safety and sustainability purposes helps to alleviate homeowner’s stress. Also, alerting, if living in a city or County, building permits are typically required for home remodels, and renovations and possibly for repairs depending on the scope of work can be helpful. 

"Giving and supporting others in communities in which we work is important to us; and we’re grateful to do so now by assisting US Veterans in navigating the maze to obtain building permits for their home remodel projects." Moruf Jimoh, AAIA, Technical Manager of PermitUsNow

In addition, US Veterans can find valuable permitting information on PermitUsNow’s blog, especially tips on selecting contractors when rebuilding after devastation from recent hurricanes on the Gulf Coast or fires on the West Coast. We know permitting can be stressful and confusing so US Veterans in Texas and across the US are encouraged to call 1.844.PERMIT.4 and we will answer their questions today and in the years to come.

About Permit Us Now

Founded in September 2016, PermitUsNow is the go-to one-stop building permitting firm that helps Architects, Contractors and Project Owners to save time and money plus start construction in a timely manner. PermitUsNow covers over 500 jurisdictions in Texas and has a national presence.  PermitUsNow has offices in Houston, Dallas, and Austin, Texas and Jacksonville, FL.  PermitUsNow manages permitting from design phase to close out for commercial, institutional, and residential projects with a team of recognized experts. PermitUsNow was recognized by the Regional Hispanic Contractors Association with the LUNA Award in 2020; by SubContractors USA in 2021 as Top Contractor of the Year and President – Helen Callier was recognized as HBJ’s 2021 Women Who Mean Business.

PermitUsNow is a certified minority and woman-owned business. Clients of PermitUsNow include H-E-B, OTG | United Airlines, JOERIS, Burns and McDonnell, and Brake Check.

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