ORIGIN Metaverse Partner with REV3AL

Boosting ownership security in the NFT space

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The revolutionary virtual real estate marketplace, ORIGIN Metaverse, has partnered with digital copyright protection and anti-counterfeit tech company REV3AL in a bid to enhance the security and fluidity metaverse NFT real estate market.

With ORIGIN Metaverse committed to enabling the mass adoption of real estate NFTs as a day-to-day tradable item, the company has already made great headway in that direction. By creating an intuitive, user-friendly marketplace, the ORIGIN platform will sidestep the complex transaction process that has served as an obstacle to the growth of the metaverse real estate market as well as physical real estate transacted as NFTs.

While simplifying the NFT space for both experts and newcomers is a much-welcomed development, there are still issues that need to be overcome regarding copyright and security of ownership.

ORIGIN Metaverse’s partnership with REV3AL is committed to solving these issues.

Crediting the creator

Due to its nature, digital media can be duplicated indefinitely. Although NFTs are embedded with a unique digital protocol that serves as a certificate of ownership stored on a blockchain, that certificate only guarantees ownership, not the authenticity of the creation itself. With the counterfeit goods market expected to exceed $3 trillion in 2022 alone (3.5% of the entire global economy), it won’t be long before costly NFTs start showing up as counterfeits too.

With copyright hard to enforce for digital creators (unless they’re willing to spend a small fortune doing so), REV3AL has developed the answer. By incorporating multiple layers of encrypted protection within the digital asset itself, creators can verify a creation as ‘genuine’, with buyers able to do the same thing quickly and easily via the REV3AL platform.

Its leading-edge technology that may well make all the difference to the NFT market and the creators who work within it. Certainly, when coupled with the advances that ORIGIN Metaverse is bringing to the virtual and physical real estate NFT space in terms of ease and simplicity of trading, it’s a dynamic combination that promises success.

Extending Their Reach Into the Real World

With ORIGIN Metaverse and REV3AL redefining what the NFT space means, the impact of their partnership may well be felt beyond the ethereal realm of the Bored Ape Yacht Club —  they may have a profound impact on physical real estate assets also transacted as NFTs. The authentication of ORIGINals and the ability to quickly transfer or trade them will provide all manner of industries with the confidence they need to engage in the digital space.

About Origin

ORIGIN Metaverse virtual real estate marketplace is focused on providing users the ability to buy and sell land across the Metaverse and to transact physical real estate as NFTs through its marketplace. Origin’s singular marketplace unifies these isolated worlds into a simple, secure, and streamlined marketplace, fully compatible with all platforms and cryptocurrencies. To learn more visit www.originmv.com 

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