Ongoing Demand for Multifamily Units Helps Fuel Real Estate Investment Boom – ‘Urban Bay Housing Fund’ Opens Commercial Real Estate Loan Office

TAMPA, Fla, May 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Urban Bay Housing Fund officially announced the opening of its new office set for June 1, located in the heart of Tampa. Led by Caleb Walsh, nationally recognized real estate expert and one of the Top 100 People in Real Estate to watch by Top 100 Magazine, Urban Bay has positioned itself to help other investors by offering premium commercial real estate (CRE) loans – specializing in working with clients who have had trouble dealing with a bank in the past.

“We’ve been discussing this growing demand for multifamily units in Florida for some time now,” said Walsh. “We invested in it because the potential continues to grow: 1000 people a day move to this state. That is not going to change anytime soon. Major hedge funds and commercial real estate investment firms are in the process of both laying out new development plans for mixed-use communities, while also trading parcels that have become ripe for development. So we’ve been in the process of hiring top professionals from major banks across the country to help us offer CREs to various investors who want to explore this potential.”   

Urban Bay Housing Fund: The Right Loan at the Right Time

A nationally recognized market leader in acquiring, developing and managing multifamily and commercial properties throughout the U.S., Urban Bay now offers CRE loans for both Floridian properties and properties across the nation. Urban Bay is especially geared for those who have been told “no” by the bank before, or those who feel their credit is not quite at an optimum level. CRE hard-money loans offer a variety of features that can help investors who have solid experience but are frustrated by the increasingly rigid algorithms used by financial institutions.

“The strict guidelines used by most banks prohibit many competent developers from entering the real estate investment marketplace,” said Walsh. “While also limiting the growth of the bank’s employees. We’ve changed that model. Our brokers are cutting solid CRE deals, an average of $20 million at a time. This has two major immediate effects: first, it opens this type of investment to those who have the skill and experience to manage and revitalize properties, but were turned down over and over again by a bank. Second, it brings in the best talent to Urban Bay by offering eager young brokers a chance to create fantastic deals for our clients while also securing a portion of the transaction. It’s an absolute win-win for our brokers and clients both.”

Once approved, Urban Bay works with each client investor step-by-step, providing acquisition term sheets as quickly as possible and – upon acceptance – completing a short underwriting process. And all with a quick application process and fast closings. Urban Bay can help clients acquire many different types of commercial properties, including senior housing, shopping centers, office buildings, apartment complexes and mobile home parks, hospitality, self-storage, mixed-use, and almost any other income-generating commercial property.

Potential investors are urged to learn more by going online and completing a short application process.   

About Urban Bay Housing Fund

The Urban Bay Housing Fund group is comprised of highly skilled real estate specialists with varied and nuanced expertise in every sector of the commercial real estate industry. Specializing in multifamily and hospitality off-market transactions as a core of its commercial acquisitions, Urban Bay buys and holds lucrative, self-managed real estate ventures in major markets before matching them to the best, complimenting franchises – with a broad focus in properties located in the Western and Southern United States. Learn more at:

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