“Oh snap! That’s freaking sick!” The Reaction a CEO & Top 1% Advisor Had Upon Seeing the AskMyAdvisor™ Referral App (ARA) in Action. We Agree.

BELLEVUE, Wash., April 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The AskMyAdvisor™ Referral App (ARA), which automatically triggers referrals for advisors (accountants, attorneys, financial advisors, realtors, etc.) is earning high praise.

The app evolved from 20,000 hours of coaching elite pro athlete advisors. 18 months ago, AskMyAdvisor™ uncovered a referral secret. In doing so, the company believes they solved an age-old referral dilemma for advisors.

“We believe we have built the Holy Grail for generating repeatable referrals,” said Brian Ouellette, Founder of AskMyAdvisor™.

“Many clients dislike being asked for referrals. Some despise it. Yet, they LOVE referring their advisors. It’s an odd conflict. We’ve resolved this catch-22 with this referral software app.”

This referral app solves this age-old problem. Designed to be 3rd grade simple to operate, in less than 10-minutes, an advisor can have their Q&A platform live online and ready to share.

Ouellette added, “Coaching pro athlete advisors for the past 10 year, we quickly learned how influential sports agent center of influence (COI) relationships were. It was 18-months ago when we realized that advisors had access to a far superior COI relationship, already built-in. This meant no need to develop new relationships from scratch.”

Who is this superior center of influence (COI)?
It’s an advisor’s current clients. More specifically, their top 10 to 25 clients.

People are talking about AskMyAdvisor™
“This is a really smart idea. I can sell this to all my advisors,” Seth Greene said (CEO and co-host with Kevin Harrington of The SharkPreneur Podcast–#6 on NASDAQ’s list of “Top Podcasts You Must Listen To”).

“Oh snap! That’s freaking sick!” What CEO & Founder of Lab Coat Agents (The world’s largest online real estate Facebook community with +136,000 members), Tristan Ahumada, exclaimed upon seeing the AskMyAdvisor™ Referral App (ARA) in action.

On the client side, a Bellevue, Washington based angel investor said, “This is an amazing concept. To access my CPA, lawyers, or money managers quickly…Would be huge.”

This is an important business development advancement for advisors (accountants, attorneys, financial advisors, realtors, etc.). They now have a breakthrough way to trigger ongoing referrals from their top clients, on autopilot.

This can now mean…No more seminars for strangers. No cold calling. No using review services to turn strangers into clients. No need for mailers. No need for Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google ads.

“Now all contacts and referrals can be driven through an advisor’s top clients. They’re the conduit and the advisors #1 COI. Contacts and referrals coming from them are hot contacts already, with trust baked into the cake. A superior approach vs. starting a new relationship from scratch,” Brian shared.

Wait, how is that possible?
Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, LinkedIn, etc., the average client in 2021 is connected to over 600 people This means an advisor’s top 10 clients are connected to +6,000 people. An advisor’s top 25 clients are connected to +15,000 people.

The AskMyAdvisor™ app makes the advisor’s reach now endless.

Ouellette added, “Can you guess who most closely resembles an advisor’s top clients? Yep, the people in their lives. If you’re an advisor, you’ll want access to this by invitation app. It will free up more time to help/service your clients vs. being stuck marketing.”

What is the big deal?
There is nothing like this software app. For ages, advisors have wondered how to get more referrals from their top clients without being needy and asking.

This software app solves it in 10-minutes. This is the first time there is a solution that solely targets developing an advisors #1 center of influence (COI), their current top clients, systematically.

If you’re an advisor, would you like the “referral secret” for free?
AskMyAdvisor™ is revealing the referral secret in their brand-new webinar. It’s been flipped to ON-DEMAND (limited time), so advisors can grab a seat right now.

Access the on-demand webinar for free here:

In the next 35-minutes you’ll get the “referral secret” that took 20,000 hours of R&D to develop.

In it, AskMyAdvisor™ shares two ways to put it to use today.

One $0 cost way (by using a specific P.S. in your emails–They give you the template) and one way using the AskMyAdvisor™ Referral App (ARA) on autopilot. Both ways can send you same day referrals.

What’s next?

For Advisors
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