OFFLOADIT Releases New 2.0 Version with Exciting Features and Raises Funds for App

ATASCADERO, Calif., May 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —┬áThe team at OFFLOADIT has just released the new 2.0 version of their app, which includes a number of new, exciting features. Alongside classic features, such as the ability to buy and sell excess building equipment and materials, the app now lets users take advantage of chat features, photo zoom, and improved search functionality. OFFLOADIT is also excited to announce that they are raising funds through WeFunder for the continued development of their app. Funds raised through this campaign will be used to directly improve the OFFLOADIT app even further and expand its reach to more users.

Since 2021, OFFLOADIT has provided a much-needed service to the construction industry: a safe and easy way to buy and sell excess building equipment and materials. OFFLOADIT is a unique and innovative app that helps construction companies save money, time and resources by allowing them to sell their unused materials directly to other businesses or individuals. OFFLOADIT is committed to making the construction industry more sustainable and efficient, and the new features in the OFFLOADIT app version 2.0 are a major step forward in this mission.

The new chat feature will allow clients to connect with each other directly in order to discuss sales, make offers and close deals. The OFFLOADIT team is also excited about the new photo zoom feature, which will allow users to get a closer look at the equipment and materials they are interested in buying. And last but not least, the improved search functionality will make it even easier for users to find the exact items they are looking for.

OFFLOADIT is raising funds through WeFunder in order to continue improving the app and expanding its reach. The OFFLOADIT team is dedicated to making their app the best it can be, and with the community’s help, they can continue to make progress toward their goal of making the construction industry more sustainable and efficient.

Invest now to own a portion of OFFLOADIT and reach its fundraising goal at Every little bit helps, and all contributions will make a big difference.

OFFLOADIT is a user-friendly online marketplace specifically designed for buying, selling, and listing everything construction-related. This subscription-based platform starts at $9.99 and makes it easy for companies and individuals alike to buy and sell excess construction materials and construction equipment. Instead of sending unused materials to a landfill, OFFLOADIT finds new homes for them, helping to make a positive environmental impact while also saving money. OFFLOADIT is perfect for construction companies, home renovators, landscapers, gardeners, and more. Find out more and download the app at

Steve Silva