New Real Estate Offerings Proudly Welcomed to the EquityDoor Crowdfunding Platform

AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — EquityDoor, LLC, one of the trusted real estate crowdfunding platforms based in Texas, welcomes new issuers to its secured investing portal, including:

Alternative Financing via Freedom From Loans, LLC 
Residential Development via KBW MHP Holdings, LLC 
Property Renovation via Opus Squared, LLC 
Costa Rica Development via TORC Investment, LLC 
Colombia Development via Vii Capital CBM Fund, LLC

Having successfully paired investors and project issuers to raise millions in real estate projects, EquityDoor expands its offering with an array of diversified investment opportunities starting at $1,000. These new project issuers specialize in luxury real estate, estate planning, affordable housing, managed services, and financially distressed properties.

Freedom From Loans, Inc (FFL), is distinctly different from other firms. FFL will typically form an LLC for each property investment and pay down, pay off or assume the existing mortgage which permits the former sole owner or new investor to retain their equity value. With a complete payoff, the equity share plan permits the investors to be debt-free rather than potentially in trouble staying current on a large debt when unexpected issues arrive with respect to employment, business developments, unexpected medical burdens, and etc.

Vii Capital projects are designed to fill the need for affordable housing primarily in Sincelejo, Colombia. It focuses on constructing up to 920 residential apartment units, green parks, and multipurpose recreational areas such as playgrounds that would help in honing the physical and social aspects of child development.

Opus Squared, LLC is investing in the renovation of distressed properties with a focus on hospitality.

Another participant in this offering is the KBW MHP Holdings, LLC where the properties it invests in are primarily designed to serve the need for affordable housing and investors who are seeking both affordability and attainability in their properties.

The last but the most luxurious among investment offerings is the TORC Investment, LLC. This investment opportunity offers quarterly distribution and capital appreciation banking on the growing demand for luxury stays in Caribbean countries such as Costa Rica.

Confidence in raising capital is not a problem as EquityDoor CEO and Founder, Clint Anderson said "We’ve already helped investors and project issuers raise millions of dollars for equity-based real estate projects where they share a mutual interest. It’s what EquityDoor is all about. We’re also FINRA compliant and believe in regulated investments. We welcome investors of all types, including those who choose to use their self-directed IRAs for real estate investing."

In fact, in a continued effort to extend investment opportunities even to non-accredited investors, EquityDoor offers free Webinars and free consultation to anyone who might be interested in these offerings. For January 8th of 2022, a Zoom webinar has been scheduled for anyone who might be interested in these time-sensitive offerings.

About EquityDoor: EquityDoor, LLC provides secure, leading-edge technology that connects project owners and investors. By eliminating the traditional cost, complexity, and reliance on big banks and real estate insiders, the Austin, Texas-based company is positioned to play a vital role in this incredible market transition. EquityDoor, LLC is a funding portal registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") and a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority ("FINRA").

Contact Name: Clint Anderson CEO & Co-Founder
Organization Name: EquityDoor, LLC
Phone Number:1-877-963-3667

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