New Essency EXR Water Heater Breaks Water Heating Tradition, Delivers On-Demand Hot Water from a Tank-Type Unit

HOUSTON, July 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Water heater technology has been slow to evolve in comparison to other home comfort systems. Now the new Essency EXR water heater brings game-changing homeowner-friendly technology to bear on a market that has sorely lacked consumer-centric change for many years.

Designed in France as the world’s first On-Demand Tank Water Heater, the Essency EXR brings tank and tankless benefits together in an easy to install, operate – and most importantly, enjoy! — water heater. And with its stylish design and smartphone-like digital display, the EXR is certain to be a welcome addition to anyone’s home.

Created for homeowners who want a water heater that can reliably meet all their hot water needs, no matter how large the house and the family that resides in it, the EXR reduces that debate over whether to go with a new tank or tankless water heater to a single solution:

"If you go with the EXR, you’ll be happy knowing you’ve got a water heater that can match or exceed the hot water output capacities of any comparable water heater at the higher ends of both the conventional tank and tankless categories," says Scott Isaksen, national sales director for Essency Water Heaters (

With its 80-gallon First Hour Rating (FHR), the EXR can supply hot water enough to handle multiple demands at once, such as showering, shaving, clothes-washing and doing the dishes. "Our FHR is the highest in the industry among comparably sized water heaters. You’d need to look at 80- and 100-gallon commercial products to do any better," says Isaksen. "We’ve seen people replace two 40-gallon tank water heaters, gas and electric, with one new EXR and be more than happy with the result. Homeowners choose the EXR as the more practical and productive choice for a whole-house water heating system, especially in larger homes."

The EXR proved to be the best choice for a water heating system for the buyer of a new, 6,000-square-foot custom-built home in the Austin, Texas area. The homeowner initially wanted an 80-gallon water heater, to fit the expected needs of the home, says homebuilder Steve Giunta, owner of Round Rock, Texas-based Giunta Construction.

But the EXR won out with its 80-gallon FHR capacity contained in a sleek, durable polymer tank that takes up about as much space as a smaller 50-gallon conventional tank unit. The whole-house solution provided by the EXR met the needs of the homebuyer, and its smartphone-based operating controls and system monitoring functionality, available through the MyEssency app, was the frosting on the cake for the "techie oriented" buyer, says Giunta.

"The EXR can definitely work in the homebuilding market," says Giunta. "It was right in line with what we had in our budget for the water heater, too."

Essency EXR water heaters are available exclusively in the U.S. and North America through the Ferguson distribution network:

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