NanaWall Unveils Slimline Steel Effect Folding Glass Wall Options at AIA Expo 2023 in San Francisco

Customizable black and steel-like finishes available in NanaWall’s Generation 4 product line will allow designers and architects to create the aesthetics and historical look of steel while enjoying the superior price, performance, and engineering of NanaWall

CORTE MADERA, Calif., June 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — NanaWall, the pioneer of the opening glass wall category, today announced the availability of a new option for their aluminum framed Generation 4 folding glass wall product line: the Steel Effect. NanaWall representatives in booth #5961 at the Moscone Center at the 2023 American Institute of Architecture (AIA) National Conference in Architecture Expo in San Francisco this week will be available to showcase options and possibilities in NanaWall’s Steel Effect customizations.

“Clearly, there is a design renaissance in steel-frame windows, with architects, interior designers and homeowners enamored with the industrial, art deco, historically authentic look of the metal framing,” said Matt Thomas, Marketing Manager of NanaWall. “We’re thrilled to be able to offer a product – the NW Aluminum 640 in NanaWall’s Generation 4 line – that allows architects and homeowners to customize jet black or other steel shades to maintain that classic steel look without sacrificing any of the superior performance, weatherproofing and engineering of our category-defining folding glass walls. We can add simulated divided lites in multiple and customized patterns to create the exact look the interior designer and architect have in mind.”

The slim framing of Generation 4 naturally lends itself to the steel look, including customizable glass stops with angled design features reminiscent of steel. Steel-framed windows and doors are usually custom made and designed to specifications – and apart from the project delays that can result from that they are heavy and often prohibitively expensive for commercial projects and homeowners alike. NanaWall’s NW Aluminum 640 opening glass wall can be delivered in a line of finishes – from jet black to different shades of dark grey – with custom mica pigments that offer reflective, pearlescent, metallic values with a fine matte texture that can create the look of steel with all the superior performance of aluminum.

“Our Generation 4 line allows architects and designers to deliver the historical aesthetics of classic steel windows and doors while delivering superior affordability, weather performance, and more advanced locking than steel,” said Ebrahim Nana, founder and CEO of NanaWall. “NanaWall opening glass walls provide a tremendous value compared to steel and allow faster installation and delivery with factory glazing. We see this as a perfect intersection of our decades of dedication to performance and engineering with the design preferences of the architectural community, and a way to deliver superior product at a lower price point.”

In addition to the Steel Effect color and design options, Generation 4 provides architects with a platform consisting of eight different folding systems, multiple sill and hardware choices and flexibility through customized configurations to make choosing the right system easier. With eight different systems that offer similar aesthetics, features and performance, each are uniquely tailored for specific project types – from high and mid-rise buildings, commercial and retail spaces as well as individual homes. 

NanaWall representatives will be at the Moscone Center for the AIA Expo on Thursday, June 8th and Friday, June 9th in booth 5961 and will be available to walk through all of the Steel Effect options. Thinking of attending the AIA Expo? Click here and use promo code AIAEX494 for a FREE expo pass!

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