Mike Elmasry Joins LCR Capital Partners as Chief Commercial Officer

Member of a first-generation American family looks forward to helping other global families move to the US.

WESTPORT, Conn., Feb. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today LCR Capital Partners has announced Mike Elmasry has joined as Chief Commercial Officer based in Westport.

All LCR employees have empathy for international families considering a move to the US, but Mike Elmasry, the company’s new chief commercial officer, has lived it. He has personally seen how it can completely change a family’s trajectory for generations. What Mike’s family experienced is nothing short of the classic American dream.

Mike’s father, as well as his aunts and uncles, came to the US to study and escape a difficult political environment in Egypt. After completing an MBA in the US, Mike’s father was hired by Price Waterhouse, leading to a successful 30-year career in corporate roles, followed by a successful career in real estate. Mike’s uncle, like his father, rose through corporate ranks to become the Chief Financial Officer of Coca-Cola. One of his aunts came to the US as a Fulbright scholar, received a Ph.D., and chose to stay as a professor. Today, over fifty members of his extended family, across three generations, are Americans and have built successful careers in engineering, medicine, real estate, sales, education, architecture, law, and more.

When asked about his international experience, Mike’s first comment was “international has always been in my blood.” As early as age four, due to his father’s position at Price Waterhouse, he moved to Guatemala, where he lived for five years, followed by a five-year term in Europe. Traveling all over the world cemented his belief that the US, with its array of choices and opportunities for growth and success, was where he wanted to live and work. He put it simply: “Live as you want, work as hard as you want, and show success from your hard work.”

This approach has shaped his career. Starting at Xerox after receiving his BA from Georgetown, he began as a field sales representative building client relationships. Over 18 years there, he progressed to key and major accounts and then to running national programs in corporate strategy and market development. At Pitney Bowes, he built an understanding of financial solutions before joining IBM, where he led national and global teams focused on financing technical projects for over 17 years.  

“Mike brings an amazing level of international experience and commercial discipline shaped over a successful career at some of the best US technology companies,” said Sherman Baldwin, CEO of LCR. “I love that he understands financial products and knows that a thoughtful, trust-based approach is what works with clients. While our clients are making a personal decision, they like to see LCR show up with the professionalism they have come to expect in their lives.”

“As the son of a first-generation American myself, I immediately felt a connection with Mike and what his family has experienced,” said Suresh Rajan, Founder and Executive Chairman. “I know I apply what I have learned from my extended family with our clients every day. Mike has already connected with the LCR team, and I’m looking forward to watching how he will shape our approach with his team in India, the Gulf, Brazil, Mexico and Singapore.”

“I’m at a point in my career where I still love leading a team, and working with global families I also feel like I’m giving back,” Mike said. “I love talking to people, and I hope my story can help them see the potential of moving to the US or Europe. Offering advice on how a life in the US can build their lives and broaden their careers doesn’t feel like work. It is a joy.”

Energized to start in his new position, he asks, “How do you put a price on the value of changing lives?”

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