Marcel Fadl Expands into U.S. with Green Mid, LLC

HOUSTON, Feb. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Marcel Fadl, a specialist in building materials and surface finishes, has expanded his enterprise with Green Mid, LLC, based in Houston, Texas (USA). As a partner and Chief Executive Officer, he provides renovation project management for commercial and residential real estate. Mr. Fadl is known for introducing cutting-edge finishes into interior design and creating new techniques that allow for the unique application of architectural materials. He provides consulting and sourcing services for architects, builders, interior designers, suppliers, and consumer clients.

Mr. Fadl was previously CEO and partner/General Manager of Espacios Arquitectónicos HM México, SA de CV, an international materials distribution company based in Mexico City, Mexico. In this capacity he led business operations for multiple stores and distirbution facilities, built and negotiated vendor relationships with prestigious global brands, and provided materials for a wide range of major projects across diverse industries.

Among his notable projects, when the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez was renovated to host motor racing’s Grand Prix in Mexico, Mr. Fadl designed and provided flooring and restroom furnishings for the high-traffic racetrack. In healthcare, he was engaged to participate in the development of two important facilities: a new nursing school for the Mexican Red Cross, for which he provided a flooring solution that mitigated liquid absorption and joints; and the renovation of Sanatorio Durango hospital, which required a flooring surface that could accommodate stretchers, while updating the hospital’s 1970’s interior design.

In the retail arena, as a primary supplier to Servicios Shasa, a fashion chain with more than 100 retail stores throughout Mexico, Mr. Fadl was selected to supply materials for a new corporate brand renovation. His innovative three-tier remodeling and design strategy for numerous retail locations improved lighting and materials durability and provided a better shopping experience. Mr. Fadl also provided state-of-the-art commercial floors and restroom furnishings for the Mexico City Airport extension of Terminal 2, Gate 75, which had to withstand a seismic zone location and high foot traffic.

Additionally, as one of the first to sell and install KRION®, a new generation solid surface, in Mexico, Mr. Fadl was a leader in utilizing this revolutionary material for kitchen countertops in luxury residences. In the U.S., he continues to pioneer unique design strategies that integrate groundbreaking and/or eco-friendly "green" materials with durability, design, and budget.

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