Main Street Residential™ Announces Record Breaking Year

STUART, Fla., Dec. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Main Street Residential™ is pleased to announce another record-breaking year within our Value-Add Multifamily portfolio. The partners at Main Street Residential are proud to have again exceeded return expectations on behalf of their private and institutional investor partners. Todd C. Marshall, a Managing Partner, said that "2021 has been a challenging and somewhat unpredictable year when you consider the never-seen-before combination of lingering covid, escalating renovation costs, rising rents and increased property valuations".

Mr. Marshall further stated that, "It’s been a great year to be a seller and a difficult year to be a buyer, but in spite of the backdrop, we have been able to sharpen our tools and doubled down on our efforts to source great transaction opportunities and strategically execute on a number of value-add renovations. We continued to focus on key markets in the Southeast where we have a unique advantage, attributed to 30+ years boots on the ground experience with the ability to cover and understand every market down to the granular level". The partners at Main Street Residential believe that their strong "real time down to the street level knowledge" combined with digital intel has propelled them ahead of the crowd thru 2021. They look forward to a very productive 2022 in the deal making arena along with delivering enviable investor returns.

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