Upgrades Service to Enhance Global Buyer Procurement Experience

LAS VEGAS, March 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — has significantly enhanced its offline service through a comprehensive upgrade recently, introducing an immersive purchasing experience aimed at enhancing the procurement process for global buyers.

As a comprehensive cross-border trade platform, remains committed to providing high-quality online and offline services. With its latest enhancement, the platform has tailored its “WE EXPO” service to align with the unique characteristics of various industries and products. By integrating suppliers’ products with on-site booth setups at top-tier international exhibitions worldwide, enables overseas buyers to visually assess the quality of samples firsthand.

The International Builders’ Show (IBS), the largest construction industry event in North America, serves as a crucial trade platform for Chinese building material suppliers looking to penetrate the American market. has partnered with a number of construction and building materials manufacturers to showcase at IBS 2024, which is the first stop after the upgrade of offline services. The booth’s innovative use of cabinet boards, door handles, display boards, and hardware has garnered considerable interest from attendees at IBS.

Kyle from Swensenw Ap Real Estate Company, deeply engaged with products displayed by Topunion Hardware And Plastic Co., Limited on-site, expressing interest by stating, “Their offerings seem tailor-made for my multifamily and house flipping ventures. I think I would definitely be interested in looking into this in the future.”

Guangdong Kaxier Green Building Materials Co., Ltd., another exhibitor at’s booth, successfully negotiated orders with buyers after product demonstrations. The company’s General Manager stated, “After experiencing the quality of our products and browsing through our product catalog at the booth, a Canadian buyer immediately placed an order worth nearly $70,000. The upgraded service has enhanced the experience, benefiting both buyers and suppliers.” Mr. Zhou, the general manager of Kaxier, commented. has consistently pursued innovative breakthroughs, advancing its online and offline services to meet evolving industry demands. It previously launched several “Selected Sourcing Connect” events, bringing high-quality Chinese suppliers, products, and exemplary service directly to global buyers. Additionally, through meticulous market research and analysis, the platform initiated the “Special Exhibition” event, leading 40 Chinese enterprises to participate in the International Construction & Interior Design Expo “CIDEX 2023” in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates at the end of last year. Through a diverse range of business negotiation services, has created abundant opportunities for relevant enterprises across various industries. continuously innovates its online and offline service offerings, rolling out significant online promotional initiatives, such as the “Amazing April” event, while also consistently refining the buyer experience through its offline engagements, ultimately elevating the overall procurement standards.

Media contact:
Yichun Wu