Luxury Realty Group® LLC Transforms Itself with AI Conversational Avatar to Deliver Superior Customer Experience for Luxury Real Estate Sellers and Buyers

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Luxury Realty Group® LLC today announced it has become America’s first US luxury real estate brokerage to have launched AI implementation across its brokerage operations.

In a first-of-its-kind use case, Luxury Realty Group is currently developing a conversational AI-powered virtual assistant in the form of an avatar to transform search experience for people who are looking to buy luxury homes and high-rise condos. Consumers will no longer have to manually enter limited search criteria into real estate websites and portals. Instead, consumers will engage with a conversational AI avatar which will provide a variety of luxury real estate functions. They will ask the avatar to show them homes and condos that match their search criteria and a future option is planned to request a conversational walk-through home tour. Further, the learning avatar will send alerts to consumers and suggest properties they might consider as part of their search.

Luxury Realty Group is building the virtual assistant partnering with, the world’s leading enterprise AI platform and solutions company. Orlando-based enables global businesses to enhance customer and employee experiences through virtual assistants and pre-trained AI solutions built on top of its no-code Experience Optimization (XO) Platform, leveraging generative AI (GenAI), large language models (LLMs) and proprietary conversational AI technologies.

An interesting way to create demand and drive property sales is to present unique stories associated with each luxury home using Luxury Realty Group’s unique Our Luxury Home’s Special Story® marketing feature. Using the avatar, home sellers who list their homes with Luxury Realty Group can narrate interesting tales and anecdotes that went into the design and creation of the home.

Bruce Hiatt, Owner/Broker of Luxury Realty Group says “Many innovations were made over the years toward that objective by our subsidiary software company, Talega Systems. However, now with AI technology, we believe we can do so much more. That’s why we forged a partnership with, which is the world’s leading enterprise AI platform company. Our proprietary TalegaAI software product will seamlessly interface with the platform and Virtually-Human B.V. to drive superior luxury real estate experiences.”

“We are excited to see all kinds of businesses explore and experiment with conversational AI technologies for customer experience,” said Founder and CEO Raj Koneru. “Thanks to our Product-led Growth (PLG) model, Luxury Realty Group has opened up new possibilities of creating customer delight in a premium luxury brand segment through virtual avatars and immersive experiences. We see a significant opportunity to create value for consumers and sellers in this space through automated self-service, and personalized and contextual conversational experiences powered by our platform technology. PLG allows players like Luxury Realty Group to innovate and scale at their own pace.”

About Luxury Realty Group LLC and Talega Systems LLC

Subsidiary Luxury Realty Group LLC was formed in 2004 and Talega Systems LLC in 2017. Luxury Realty Group has a long history of many luxury home and high-rise condo clients in Las Vegas, NV. License disclosures: Bruce Hiatt, Broker, Nevada License B.050917.LLC and Nicholas Kuhn, Broker-Salesperson, Nevada License BS.0146618

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