Loan Documentation Innovator GoDocs Announces New Client Partnership with ABL

IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — GoDocs, a leader in automated commercial loan document automation, proudly announces a new strategic client partnership with Asset Based Lending (ABL), a top private lender. This important new relationship further underscores GoDocs’ standing as an industry leader, consolidating its place as a forward-thinking innovator and disruptor in the commercial lending sphere.

ABL Choosing a Dynamic Innovator in GoDocs

In choosing to partner with GoDocs, ABL knew it would reap the advantages stemming from the breadth and scalability of the GoDocs platform. The ability to enhance and streamline closing processes through deep and robust automation was key to the decision, as was GoDocs’ commitment to legally and commercially compliant documentation. With the added benefit of technical integrations and legal support provided by GoDocs’ CommercialConnect™ and GoDocs LegalNet™ offerings respectively, ABL felt confident that they would be able to drive faster and more efficient closings supporting rapid expansion as they seek to solidify their position as a leader in the private credit market.

“The ABL-GoDocs partnership reflects our commitment to delivering a true SaaS solution purpose-built for large-scale commercial lenders,” says GoDocs President and CRO, Andrew Pearsons. “With GoDocs, ABL will be able to scale quickly while minimizing legal spending and improving the borrower experience. A partnership like this is yet another confirmation of GoDocs’ status as the leading software solution for high-volume commercial lenders who greatly benefit from the robust, automated, and compliant document generation and loan closing platform that we provide.”

ABL Recognizes Substantial Benefits in Partnering with GoDocs

With technology playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of the private lending space, ABL recognized the need to accelerate the adoption of automated loan document solutions. ABL expects to experience a number of industry-changing improvements with the implementation of GoDocs. These enhancements will translate into material cost savings and revenue uplift for the company through improvements in their loan document preparation process.

With GoDocs, the premier cloud-based solution offering an automated 50-state compliance solution, ABL will be able to optimize its closing operations to work effectively at increasing scale. This will ensure they can deploy capital efficiently to quality construction projects while delivering attractive returns. Furthermore, ABL anticipates significant revenue growth due to improved borrower experience and access to new markets and deals.

With GoDocs in place, ABL demonstrates day-to-day the significant role technology plays in private lending, enhancing accuracy, ensuring complete compliance, and automating labor-intensive processes.

“Partnering with GoDocs offers us [ABL] a huge advantage—simply put, doing more without spending more,” says ABL’s COO, Adam Cohen. “True innovation in loan document automation must address operational efficiency while also giving us the ability to evolve our product offerings as we scale at a rapid speed without sacrificing our commitment to providing the very best customer experience. GoDocs does all of that. There’s no doubt that GoDocs will have a significant impact on our success going forward. ABL, and all our customers, can experience the benefits of technology and innovation by bringing a new and better approach to the market.”

Additionally, ABL has become part of the GoDocs legal ecosystem through GoDocs LegalNet™, a network of law firm partnerships that provide necessary legal services such as title reviews and closing support. LegalNet extends the GoDocs platform to provide a seamless and integrated solution for all loan documentation closing services. Representing a step change in the way ABL addresses the needs of its lending business and the market, LegalNet’s pivotal role and unmatched value led ABL to go ‘all in’ with GoDocs. This single-source solution fundamentally transforms how ABL leverages and interacts with attorneys to deliver immediate and sustained ROI.

Moving forward, GoDocs remains committed to delivering disruptive solutions that define new possibilities and opportunities for its bank, credit union, and private lender customers.  Defined by its core commitment to building a more automated and compliant next-generation platform, GoDocs has once again shown how it continues to be a catalyst in commercial lending.

About GoDocs
GoDocs is an innovative leader in automated loan document generation, transforming the commercial lending process. With our fully cloud-based platform, we provide a flexible digital solution that makes commercial loans more cost-effective to document and faster to close, all while maintaining compliance in all 50 states. As the only pure SaaS system for automated loan document generation, GoDocs offers a user-friendly experience that requires little to no training. Our SOC2 certification underscores our commitment to data security and confidentiality. Trusted by industry-leading banks, credit unions, and private lenders, GoDocs delivers clear, demonstrable value with our exceptional customer satisfaction, backed by our 100% onshore support. GoDocs — Experience the future of commercial lending with a one-stop digital closing ecosystem.

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